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2002 BMW 320d Install

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  • 2002 BMW 320d Install

    Hey there.

    Have purchased majority of the kit and cables required for my CarPuter install in my 2002 320d.

    My desired specification is:
    • 7" touchscreen mounted in dash (climate control/head relocated)
    • CarPC in ZoomPC case (specs on my profile)
    • Powered 4 port USB hub forward [behind dash] (for touchscreen etc)
    • 2 powered 4 port USB hubs aft [boot] (one for drives, other for auxilliaries - read on)
    • Custom sub enclosure to fit nook on passenger side
    • External DVD writer and HDD in CD changer space in boot
    • All equipment in the boot mounted on a custom ceiling mount

    Also intend to:
    • iBUS interface [USB] to interface steering wheel buttons
    • OBDii interface [USB] (if possible for my car - not tested)
    • Relocate JVC head unit to boot for amplification

    Will post log/photos as it happens!

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    ok, now you have given me wings. I am planning to do the same thing, to an extent. i intend to control the climate from the pc itself. basicly the climate controls will be connected to the serial port, and there will ly a small pic wich will distinguish the different signals coming from the pc. i'm still strugguling with a macro for the output from the frontend, but i'll have it all done by the end of the summer.


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      Re: mirciu's plans

      Hey good stuff mirciu. That's an interesting idea, where did you get the pinouts/parameters/protocol information etc for the climate connections?
      Sounds like an interesting idea, having PC controlled ventillation but do you trust windows enough?!
      Would be interested to see photos if you start it!

      Over the week I have installed the loom along the passenger side of the car (sills) and have decided to mount the head in the CD changer space (one of the two compartments with HDD/DVD in the other).

      Have also mounted a sweet reset button to the underside of the glove box (inside it) - very discrete.

      PC case itself is mounted onto my custom made shelf fitted onto the roof ceiling (along with a power distribution block).

      The loom I have made will basically extend the ISO connection for the head unit to the boot.

      The computer is working and formatted (no CarPC software yet). The USB hubs front and back also have their 5V power supplies and a 12V has been wired along with VGA for the screen.

      I have taken a bunch of photos and will upload later.

      Things still to do:
      Choose a 7" touchscreen and install into bezel
      Choose software and install
      Complete ISO connector wiring at both ends of loom
      Mount dedicated sub amp onto ceiling shelf
      Install power cabling to battery



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        This thread duplicated elsewhere

        This thread is duplicated (and updated) at: