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So far so good,....

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  • So far so good,....

    Mods, please move this if its in the wrong section. Regards. Mike.

    Decided that yesterday was the day I took the hacksaw out to my beloved. Nothing to drastic I thought (famous last words).

    Anyway,.....Nothings fixed, this thread is just for show and positioning purposes only.......Basically, please give constructive critisism before I fabricate the whole thing together!

    The PC is about 80% complete,...All thats needed is an M2-ATX and software/frontend (still not decided) then I can close the unit.

    This is as far as I am with the screen install.

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    Looks good, what is under your climate control? Can you get better pics?


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      its a storage compartment. or in other models the ashtray. its quite spacey.

      ill borrow a better camera tomorrow.


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        lucky, that looks like a nice easy place for fitting that screen... nwo if only every car had such a clean cut opening

        2006 Mazda 3
        Behringer DCX-2496
        JL300/4 Focal 6W4311B Focal TN52
        JL500/1 JL10w6v2


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          moved to in progress builds...
          Jan Bennett
          FS: VW MKIV Bezel for 8" Lilliput - 95% Finished

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