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MY02 Subaru Liberty B4 - AUDAN - Worklog

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  • MY02 Subaru Liberty B4 - AUDAN - Worklog

    OK.. first CarPC attempt.

    2002 Subaru Liberty B4 2.0TT RHD, currently at factory spec.

    The plan is ::
    7" touchscreen and optical drive in dash, 3DIN opening available.
    carPC (mini-itx, winXP) under passenger seat.
    Factory McIntosh sound system (7 Speaker + Amp)
    GPS Antenna on rear shelf.
    USB Hub mounted/accessable in center console.

    Parts Purchased ::
    VIA EN15000
    1G RAM (DRR2-533)
    Pansonic DVD-RW SLIM drive
    Seagate 120G 5400.3 HDD
    Lilliput 619 7" touchscreen
    VoomPC (ampie) case
    M1-ATX PSU
    M2-ATX PSU
    WRX bolt in kit (undecided if i can use it yet..)
    USB-IDE convertor
    SLIM-IDE convertor
    HQCT (radio)
    Automotive relay
    Motorolla antenna socket
    SMA connectors
    13PIN DIN inline plug
    StereoRCA connectors
    Factory spare dash push button
    Molex connectors
    GlobalSat BU-353
    SBLive24Bit External
    USB Hub
    Rotatry Encoder
    Aliminium 1.4mm
    9mm MDF
    Touch screen replacements for Lilliput
    USB extension leads

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    Factory sound system connectivity

    McIntosh Amplifier (under drivers seat), has 13PIN DIN Connector/Cable to McIntosh head unit. Neither subaru or mcintosh could provide the pinout and signal level information for this connection.

    I buzzd the connector and it appears to be 4 channels in differential pairs (no common), a remote trigger and ground.

    AMP p5 GND p6,12
    RL- p8 RR- p13
    RL+ p7 RR+ p11
    FL- p2 FR- p4
    FL+ p1 FR+ p3

    Then playd a sine wave at a few frequecies through the head unit. Unfortunatly it doesnt appear to be standard line-out levels, so a preamp might be required.. but i might get away without it. TBD.


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      Lilliput 619 Auto-On

      My new 619 didn't quite configure as described here

      when 588998 is entered it pops up a language setup menu. from here pressing MENU on the MONITOR (not the remote) opens a factory menu.. i set power mode to "2". clued in by tmproff

      I also currently have a problem with the EN15000 crash/resetting when the power button on the screen is pressed .. ulitmately this won't matter because there won't be a power button once installed in the dash.


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        VoomPC / Ampie Mini-itx Case

        I was dissapointed to discover that the Ampie case spec dimensions 210x254x56mm don't reflect to physical space required to mount it.

        Turns out the case is closer to ~ 215x285x75mm (including mounting extrusions).

        The mounting footprint is ~167.5x269mm (center-center of mounting holes).

        The difference in height is going to be a problem. I measured the clearance under seat to be around 65-70mm before ordering the case (which was actaully the deciding factor over the VoomPC2 case). Currently the case will fit under the seat, but the seat cannot be moved forward. .. I may be able to cut down the extrusion (fins) on the top of the case ...

        I have machined 4mm from the top of the case (and stripped the paint). It's still a tight fit, but should be able to push it into the carpet enough when mounted properly to get away with it.
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          i also wanted to use a voom case in my 99 b4, but too high so i made a custom box, will post pics in a few days. i have also mounted the touch screen in the dash will post pics if it helps you in a few days.


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            Pics would be Great, thanks mate.


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              sounds great can't wait to see some pictures
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                hi audan, i've got a car pc in my my02 liberty RX. currently the case is mounted in the boot but i'd like to put it under the passenger seat (in place of the stock stacker). i'd be interested to see how you go with getting the voom case in there.

                also the mechatroniks wrx belzel works great in the liberty after modifying the mounting holes a little, however the stock spacer does not fit underneath it. i'm yet to neaten this up as I have a usb self powered dvd drive to fit there when i have the time.

                I haven't got my pics up yet but see this thread for an idea of how it looks.


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                  Hey Audan,

                  Not a great deal to contribute here, but I just like to keep an eye on other Aussie's progress. I've got the fanless-twin motherboard (Via Epia EN12000EG), so I'll keenly follow your progress. You certainly seem on top of all the purchasing. All the best.


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                    I'm keen to see how you go with this champ, still tossing up whether to by the HQCT or something cheaper - how do you rate it?

                    As for your Mechatroniks kit, it fits very nice and it looks crazy with our silver trimming

                    Glad to see more B4 owners ripping out the crappy mcintosh - if you want the pin out details of the amps, send me a PM or search on

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                      SBLive External 24bit

                      A few seconds listening onboard sound was enough to confirm it wasn't going to cut it, so I decided to grab a SBlive External 24bit USB. I chose the SB for a few reasons - Availablity, 4Channel (or 5.1 infact), LINE-IN for the HQCT and what i thought was a volume pot that i could re-wire to the dash.

                      The volume control actually turned out to be a rotatry encoder (plus a micro switch for mute) - so grabbing a pot from the dse or jaycar wasn't going to help. However RS had the perfect replacement (P#2632924) a 15 pulse rotatary encoder with a push-on momentry switch.

                      Functions perfectly, i suspect might have voided the warrantly a little tho.

                      I should note also that the SB is pretty bandwidth hungry - was running it through a HUB along with the HQCT, Touchscreen and USB-IDE convertor, but more likely going to need a direct connection to the cpc. (similar story for the usb-ide).
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                        Originally posted by Kosti View Post
                        I'm keen to see how you go with this champ, still tossing up whether to by the HQCT or something cheaper - how do you rate it?
                        It seems to work pretty well on the bench, even without any antenna attached. I can't vouch for it on the move as yet.


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                          Wiring Diagrams

                          Just a bit of documentation..
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                            I like the circuit layout, similar to the OEM for the Subi radio wiring diagram - could you email it to me, would love to look at it in more detail and maybe follow this setup.

                            kosti_b4 [at] hotmail dot com

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                              My touch screen, shez broked.

                              -replacement(s) ordered-
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