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GMC Sonoma Jumper Seat Install (first try ever)

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  • GMC Sonoma Jumper Seat Install (first try ever)

    So after months of cruising this forum, i decided to disassemble my old desktop and try and put it in my truck like i have been planning for months... so I decided i'd like to hide it behind my jumper seat, or where it used to be in any case. So i spent the day tearing apart the seat and trying to decide where to put everything.

    Soo what i did was pull out the jumper seat, which required taking off the passenger seatbelt, removing the hanger hook above the window in the rear, and taking off the plastic seat cover. also there were a couple screws closer to the bottom of the interior panel, once that was completed i had to do this to the seat

    Then I removed these two foam pad things.

    then i took some screws and mounted the Mobo here (sorry about the crappy quality of that one, camera wouldn't focus properly... you'll see it better later.)

    This is where i plan to mount the Powersupply. I'm going to put down some foam on the floor to help take some of the shock from bumps off, as i don't want anything getting too loose and then a piece of angle iron will hold the top half and then bolts with hooks on the end will old everything in place, i'll draw a picture later of how exactly it will work.

    Hopefully that will still fit when i've got all of the pci cards in, i had to remove the metal place from my vid card so that the seat frame wouldnt' push the end out like it did to this PCI card... looks like either low profile card for sound and net, or USB sound and Net... would rather not go that route though

    here's what happens to the PIC and VGA cards wen the back plate is on

    install card

    close seat

    Open and inspect

    and it's popped out

    Install Card with back plate removed

    Close seat

    Open and inspect

    still in place properly

    I'm going to drive around for a day or two to see if the vid card pops itself out. If it does, i will need some way of holding it in place in that event, any ideas?

    went out and got a wireless mouse and keyboard. hoping to have a trackball eventually... but for now i just need it to function. probably go with an indash screen. The reason this isn't exactly 100% planned is because i'm not going to go as far as i can without buying too much, so I can research some things a little more.

    Any suggestions or comments? if possible not too much flaming please! lol.

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    good start, what did you mount the motherboard to exactly? I asked about the cards a while back and was told that a high-temp hot glue "can" do the trick
    1998 Camaro Worklog Starting over, New setup for 2010


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      basically for mounting the motherboard, there is a plastic part that the foam deals were stuck to, and I took some screws that are longer than the ones that you would mount it in a case with. normal wood working screws, and they were the right size to fit in the normal mounting holes and I screwed them into the plastic.... I don't really feel like taking it out but I'll see if I can find a good picture of what I did. I started goign then realized that I should take some pictures, as it might help someone at some point... but I'll have to look a little tomorow.

      heres a picture of one of the screws in place... not too sure if it helps, i'll try taking some more tomorow, as it was raining today.


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        i see, what all are you planning on using for the hardware part of the build? it was pouring here all day and is still raining they say it's suppose to continue into tomorrow
        1998 Camaro Worklog Starting over, New setup for 2010


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          well as for hardware i believe the mobo is a asus a700 or something old like that, cpu is 800mhz duron (may be OC'd by the time i'm done) 512 ram, that vid card is an old nVidia TNT2... i'm going to store all of my media on an external drive of some sort, so i can get things from my desktop quickly, gps i have no plans for at the moment, but it is a very, very, very good possibility, sound... no idea what i'm going with there. as for a display as i believe i stated earlier a 7inch, in-dash, touch screen. chances are i'll need a usb hub. PCI sound and networking are desirable, but may end up going down the drain, as for the OS storage ans other programs, i'm looking for something that will not be spinning all of the time. like an IDE device that is comprised of a few Flash drives, or SD cards... it's quick, and won't be damaged by bouncing, as the potholes in my city are horendous due to the horrible company doing the raods, they're grinding down and paving the same street for the third year in a row, because they use low grad asphault... but anywho If that's not what you were looking for, then you'll have to simplify it a bit for me... sorry if i'm being dense.


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            nope thats exactly what i was looking for, i like to know the game plan lol.
            1998 Camaro Worklog Starting over, New setup for 2010


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              Took a closer look, the Mobo is actually an Asus A7PRO... so i was close


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                alright I've driven around for a day or so with the vid card in there, looks like i need some way to secure it, because without the help of gravity pulling on the cable, the card managed to come completly out, i opened the seat cover, to discover that it was completly out, and that my card was falling to the floor of my truck.... so i've herad the suggestion of hot glue... i'm not too sure that i want to Glue in my vid card... anyone have some other suggestions?


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                  there are some people that make a little "frame" that the card would screw into. it look somewhat like the case does, but it will depend how you designed it. This is what i plan to do, I've seen it in a few installs.
                  1998 Camaro Worklog Starting over, New setup for 2010