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  • 2005 Dodge Neon

    This is my first try at a car computer. After 6 months if not more of planing I finally started a little over a month ago and am almost done with it.

    Its also my first time posting pics in a forum so I hope I am doing it right

    First off my stock Hu. Dodge gives you 1.5 din and since i didn't want to do a flip out screen I had a bit to do to make it fit.

    The hu bezel out of the car

    after a few cuts with my dremel

    I cut a peice of abs out and used a 5 min epoxy to glue it to the bottom

    I then glued the monitor bezel to the bottom abs peice

    I then cut out two ...mostly triangle peices and glued them on each side of the bezel.

    I then taped cardboard to the back of the bezel where there were gaps and filled it in with epoxy from the front

    Then after many layers of bondo and much sanding I arrived at this

    Luckly or unluckly I then had a cold snap in my area and when I went out the next day I noticed I had a crack on the bottom but since I had a road trip to go on I primed it and painted it and installed the screen without finishing the bezel due to me planning on redoing it. Even though it looked nice and my wife saying no one would know but me ...I just couldn't let it stay like that. I have since did a lot of sanding and am working on redoing it again with different matterial. I had forgotten to get a picture of the installed screen before I did the sanding

    But now on to the computer.

    My naked trunk after I ran a few of the wires.

    I cut a 3/4 mdf board to the size I wanted and layed out the amp and computer to get a look at it.

    After I bolted down everything and hooked the wires. The wooded block on the back left is where my distruibtion block is. One thing I found out is next time I run wire I am going to leave a extra foot of wire

    I then built a three sided top leaving the back(seat) side about a inch and half short to allow the wires though. When working with MDF predrill your holes when working with the edges due to cracking. I also used liquid nail on the seams. I then cut two 7 3/4 inch holes in the top for ventilation useing my dremel circle cutter.

    I then used car carpet from crutchfield and spray glue covered the top three sided box and attached two 8 inch speaker covers.

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    Greeeeeeeeat work, i have dodge neon and your dash work is great!! pls upload pics of your dash paint and finish PLS!!


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      I just recently got a 2000 Neon, and I was wondering how to match the carbon fiber dash look?

      I also have to find a way to mount a dvd-rw+rw thingy

      My touchscreen broke before I could install it into my last screen (no picture, and the touchscreen wire was severed. Really iritates me.... I may goo with a cheaper option at the moment, but am unsure...
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      Need: Amp.


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        My original dash was silver. I went and bought a extra dash that had the carbon fiber look just to cut up.

        I am mounting my dvd underneath the screen....I have to take more pictures. I moved my backwindow defrost and cig lighter to the slot under the screen then enlarged the hole that is in that dash peice to fit my dvd.


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          Hey man, install looks good, When you gonna swing up to the chicago meet to show it off. We are having one on %unday the 30th Chicago Meet Im from Sterling so if your interested let me know.
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