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2006 Jetta GLI MKV install

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  • 2006 Jetta GLI MKV install

    I'm finally getting off my arse and doing my VW install. Lot's of photos.

    HP t5700 Thin Client ($129)ebay
    Win XPe
    Flash IDE drive for OS and apps
    256mb RAM

    Lilliput 7" TS ($170)ebay

    Metra mk5 radio bezel ($30)
    Metra wire harness ($20)
    Bondo, spreaders, sandpaper etc.

    To do list:
    -Bondo up a screen bezel (1st draft done)
    -Install computer in dash with power switch (need power sw installed)
    -Load RR
    -Install audio amp and wire to factory speakers and to PC
    -Backup camera
    -Phone control
    -HD radio
    -Install VAG-COM and tie in cable to CAN bus

    First off, screen install.

    Lilliput screen bezel. Trimmed off lower section and sanded off paint.

    Removed single DIN bar from radio bezel.

    Check for fit inside radio bezel.

    Lilliput bezel sticks out of radio bezel slightly so I super-glued it in. Needed to do this for bondo process as well.

    First layer of bondo.

    Second layer of bondo. Not much sanding yet.

    Third layer of bondo. Now that I have complete coverage.Time for some serious sanding.

    Sanded down. Got a little carried away and I chipped a large chunk off the inner edge. So I added another layer on the left side.

    Here is the bezel sanded down. Ready for Primer.

    Couple coats of black Primer on the bezel. Done, for now. I may paint later. This is the trial setup.

    I mounted the screen in the bezel and adhered the Lilliput back panel to the radio bezel with hot glue. This worked out slick. No ribbon cables to extend.

    Dash before.

    Dash opened up. Radio removed. Climate control panel removed. Ton's of room back there. I will mount computer vertically in the back

    Test fit of screen.

    For those of you who are looking for the quick and easy way of doing a screen install by buying some type of kit, don't waste your money. I spent way too much time trying to go that route and could have had my system done months ago. All this work I did this weekend and only cost ~$20 for supplies. It's really very easy and you can make your own custom look.

    Next, computer install. This actually looks like it will be the most difficult as the power wiring on the new VW's appears to be more difficult to route through the firewall than previous generations. Hoping to tap into the fuse area for this low power type stuff. Will be incorporationg Audio once PC is intalled.

    Off to do more work. Comments/tips welcome.


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    Not bad. Can't wait to see the final product!
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      Purchased radio wire harness to tap into car's power supply. Then soldered extension wires to PC on/off switch. Currently have this wired to glove box with no switch attached to ends. Just have to touch ends together to turn on PC. Also removed outer plastic branded casing from PC to reduce size even further. Ran USB extension cable to glove box as well.

      Here is PC powered on. By no means am I finished though. The touch screen drivers wouldn't load for some reason on the HP or my laptop. My backup (scratched) screen I was using to get things going failed and I had to use the good one.

      Oh, and here's the car.

      I need to find a good switch location for the cpu and purchase a micro switch.


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        Having difficulty getting RR loaded onto WinXPe. Ordered 2gb flash IDE drive so I wouldn't have any space limitations.


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          What challenges are you seeing with WinXPe and RR? Space or windows services?
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            I am actually having major issues with XPe. I can't get RR to run properly. It took about 50 attempts just to install it. So I'm not sure the install is even complete. I would receive a file write error for a different file each time and then start the install again. After it completed, when I execute it, WinAmp starts and then the RR logo just hangs. I think this would be an optimal car format considering low power consumption, low heat, no moving parts etc. but it may take too much time to be fun. Now that my screen is usable I am looking for alternate PC options. I could just install a disk drive instead of the flash drive and load a regular version of XP. Haven't decided yet.


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              I too started out with a ripped version of XP, I ended up installing a fresh XP and hibernating the PC. Gives OK boot times, works great for me!
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                Radio removal

                Do you have a link or pics on how to remove the factory radio? Also curious if you have any updates on your system. I purchased and 2006 jetta tdi from luther about a month ago and am deciding what i want to put in Thanks!


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                  Here is a link to the radio kit manufacturers instructions.

                  I have abandoned the XPe setup in favor of a small touchscreen XP tablet that I will initially run to the indash monitor, but will try to run by itself from the dash. I have moved on to the audio setup and will post pics soon.


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                    Have you gotten the audio hooked up yet? Curious about your progress.



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                      One of my primary reasons for the install was listening to audio. I ran Power, Ground and amplifier remote turn on lead to the trunk. Ran speaker and rca cables from the amp in the trunk back up to the dash. I wired the speaker wires into a harness that plugged into the factory wiring, replacing the radio. I hooked the remote turn on lead to a switch and into the harness as well. I also connected rca adapters to the cables to create one connection into my ipod. I just turn on the amp and fire up the ipod for now. I am also testing audio from a tablet PC.


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                        i know youve already worked out the power. but can you not get access to the main inputs to the fuse box like you can with the mk4 versions ( 4 connections, 2 live, 1 ignition, 1 earth that are bolted to the underside of the fusebox )?
                        Prob 60% complete


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                          Yes, I can get to that area, but I had no need. I installed an aftermarket amplifier and thus had to run main power from the battery. It is a high current amp and requires it.
                          Here is a pic:


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                            how are you powering the thin client?

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                              Well, since it is a 12v adapter. I would use 12v supply from the battery instead.