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    Hello all,

    I've stumbled across this site during a google search, and have been very impressed with the everyone's projects, and the volume of posts on this subject.

    So I thought I would add my contibution as I work on my installation.

    I have a 2005 Chevy SSR which I installed a Kenwood KVT-715 flipscreen 2 years ago with Nav/Sirius, and a 20GB MP3 music keg.

    The SSR is a hardtop convertible, in which their is a storage area between the pickup bed and the passenger compartment where the roof hydraulically folds into. There is ample room in here for mounting the computer, and running wires.

    In the rear pickup bed the Kenwood amp, music keg, and Nav unit are installed. A kenwood self powered subwoofer is behind the drivers seat.

    Now installing a carputer, started off with a GNET computer and a lilliput 8" touchscreen. Using GNET's digital dash, and another USB-GPS antenna for navigation via google maps.

    I will have 2 keyboads installed one on each visor for driver & passenger use.

    Have an Airlink Pinpoint EVDO ethernet "modem" & Verizon service, which gives me broadband and remote GPS tracking of the car. My Pinpoint tracks the vehicle every 15 seconds as long as the ignition key is on.

    Basically I want my carputer more for accessing my office VPN network for checking email, remote camera systems, and databases while on the road.

    With the flipscreen using up my dash space, I am temporarily mounting the 8" touchscreen until I better understand what works best in my car.

    I am considering tapping into the RGB of the Kenwood Nav system with a scan converter to use the Kenwood flipscreen for everything. But that will come last once everything else is done. The was a past poster "port80" who left quite extensive instructions on how to do this.

    More pics will be posted as this progresses. Any suggestions welcome.
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    ok, well another weekend and further progress.

    I settled on mounting the 8" touchscreen lilliput monitor over the center console. I fabricated a bracket from mild steel flat stock, & shaped to fasten in the recess by the parking brake lever. I machined a swivel from 5/8" mild steel, held together with a 8/32 countersunk cap screw. It was mig welded to the flat stock.The bracket has 3 mounting points to the console to keep it steady, and it was painted black and covered in wire loom. I may cut the RCA connectors hanging off the monitor's dongle because I don't think I will be using them.

    This bracket will allow the monitor to swivel towards the driver or passenger.

    I also installed an illuminated switch on the center console which provides accessory power to the acessory sense of the computers power supply. This will allow me to turn off the PC if needed.

    I am running into a problem with the computer, where even after shutdown the PC still has 5v power on the USB and PS2 ports. I think it is jumpered to fully shutdown after 2 hours, but i'd rather have all power shutdown much sooner. I will gave to check with G-Net to see what kind of power supply they used, and what PS jumper settings I can change. The WINXP USB device settings dont seem to help, and I don't see any BIOS setting that will help.
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      Also got the keyboards done. I installed 2 keyboards, one for passenger and driver. They are mini-illuminated keyboards I got on ebay for $20 each. I found the poteniometer in the inline powersupply was a piece of junk, and caused the backlighting not to work. I opted to just solder a jumper wire to bypass, and keep the backlighting leds on continous.

      The keyboards were velcroed to the visors, and 10' M/F USB extender cables run. USB extenders from ebay for $3 each.
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        Here are some pics of my ride.

        I still need to get a ps2-usb dongle to finish the connection of my GPS antenna. I installed the GPS antenna outside because reception is better. My Kenwood GPS is in the defroster slot looking out of the windshield, and it occasionaly can't lock onto the satellites. Also moved the Sirius antenna from the dash to outside for the same reason, kept losing signal, usually right in the middle of a funny bit on the Stern show

        I will get some smoke grey spray paint and paint the antennas so they blend in.

        I see other folks placing antennas in all sorts of places inside their car, wonder how good that really works. I find especially when driving under tree covered roads it can be difficult to get good satellite signals, installing the antennas inside is asking too much.
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          I tried to get a pic of the passenger side view with the monitor swiveled, along with the glide point mouse pad, but Vista seems to have ate my camera's memory card. Will try again later


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            Here is a view from the passenger side, you can see the mouse pad velcroed in position.

            Also a view of the backlit keypad at nite. The windows desktop was a little overexposed in the pic.

            Does anyone out there know if the 8" lilliput has an auto-dim feature, or is it possible to add it with some kind of photo-cell circuit? The monitor is kinda glaring at nite.
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              I got my Lilliput from, they didn't supply a remote. I got a remote from the MP3car store, ordered it Monday, got it tuesday. Highly recommend the MP3CAR store, wish I got all my components there, but I didn't know about it at the time.

              The remote is necessary to enter the programming codes, now the monitor is auto-power on, a highly desirable feature.


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                Sirius reception is much better with the antenna outside, wish i moved it sooner. Waiting for usb extender cable to arrive in the mail to connect the Deluo GPS receiver/antenna to the PC.


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                  Rejumpered the M2 ATX 160watt power supply so it powers the motherboard down, including the 5V bus, after 45 seconds from ignition shutoff. This kills power to the USB and PS2 ports, preserving the car battery. Also reversed polarity to the LED power indicator on the chassis, that works now.

                  I tried to get XP to install drivers for the Deluo serial/USB GPS receiver without any luck. I will have to call Deluo tech support as I may have a defective GPS receiver.


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                    lol, your setup is nice d00d!
                    Duct tape and a Bandana for the win, b!shes!!!

                    My Setup:

                    Cost so far: Less than a grand ;]

                    Economy/Commuter cars + Computers = many entertained miles