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1999 Silverado Install by a Noobie

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  • 1999 Silverado Install by a Noobie

    Ok, after much reading on this forum, I am finally ready to get started. I will of course post pics as soon as I can. There are many people on here that have provided great info for the novice such as myself, so hopefully I can do the same.

    I was torn between what I was looking for in the finished product. Having said that, I decided to start simple and work my way up. In the infinite wisdom of GM, I found the biggest obstacle to be the fact that my stock stereo opening was the odd 1.5 DIN. I was really wanting to go with a 7"/8" Lilliput touch screen mounted right into the stock stereo spot. I know nothing about working with fiberglass or bondo, so I decided to wait until I got another dash bezel, that way if I really messed it up, I could just put the old one back in and no harm, no loss. So, for right now, I have just purchased a
    DWW-700H 7" touch screen VGA monitor. I found one on ebay for a great price, and the seller had good feedbacks and provided plenty of info on the device. I googled reviews on the product and the all seemed to be pretty positive. Some minor cons to it, but ones that are easily fixed. This is a non-motorized unit with left/right swing. I almost think I will like the non-motorized part better, less stuff to go wrong with it.

    I also got a VGA extension cable and a small SD card reader (everything I use takes the SD card) that is the size of a thumb drive, will fit perfect in my center console. For now, I am going to use an old 800 MHz laptop that I have laying around. The keyboard doesn't work, and the battery will not charge, so I figured what the heck, it will get me started. I and going to put a 300w inverter in for now, and link in a battery backup to protect from under surges. This is not permanent, but it will give me a feel for my new found hobby.

    I have read a lot of people saying that tuning in radio through the car pc gives mid-rate reception at best. To that end, I am going to keep my stereo (aftermarket) in the truck. I have the Z-71 package which gives me the extended center console with the stock slave cd player in it, as well as a 3 disk cd compartment that I can't see myself ever using. I am going to dremel out an opening big enough to fit a 1 DIN stereo into, hopefully I will do a good enough job to have the stereo trim ring cover any signs of cutting. I first thought of putting the touch screen there, until I realized that I wouldn't be able to see it without always looking down, now there is some safe driving for ya. I am a bit torn about this also because I was thinking of putting a cd/dvd drive in the spot where the slave cd player is. I figured that I could make it look almost stock. I might change my mind on this one.

    That's really all for now. My next purchase will be the GPS receiver from the mp3car store. Then other bits and pieces as I move forward. Please leave any comments or feedback, I'm still a noobie with a lot more reading to do, so any and all advice is welcome. Will keep you all posted..........

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    post some pics! i have a 00 sierra that i've been wanting to put a computer in. I too want to keep my aftermarket cd player. i was actually thinking of mounting the screen where you want to move your cd player, but if yours turns out well, maybe i'll change my mind.

    my biggest fear is all the fiberglass/bondo work i would have to do, and i've never done any of it. i was gonna order a second center console bezel in case i messed mine up too bad.

    anyway, good luck with your install.


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      Thanks for writing. I have kinda re-thought my plan of attack. I have gotten a 1 DIN touch screen monitor, but it is very dark and I am not really pleased with it. I have been doing some reading online and found out that our trucks actually have a 2 DIN opening, but I too am afriad to mess up my bezel trying to mod it. I have foubd one on ebay that I am probably gonna get in case I mess it up. I have been looking into some 1 DIN dvd/stereo/xm tuner radios with a flip out screen. It's not touch screen and it wouldn't be a VGA, but I figured I could just use a stationary track ball instead of a touch screen. I was going to cut out the storage box right under the factory slave cd drive and use the flip up door to cover up my flip out screen (kinda hide it from spying eyes) but it will be too low to safely look at while driving, NAV software for example. I was gonna just cover it with the door using magnets. Having said that, I am at a stand still since I haven't quite figured out what I want to do. I will get some pics as soon as I can. If you take any of your progress, please post them or send them to me, and I will do the same. Maybe we can learn off of each others ideas and progress.


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        I as well have a silverado, (01) and i plan on going the difficult route by hacking up my dash bezel and fitting a 7inch touchscreen in. i think i am going to put a cd player in place of where the air conditioning controls are and relocate the controls. where? not sure yet. i will definately be keeping an eye on your thread though


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          I gotta 99 silverado I just modded, what's this about our trucks being 2 Din? To my knowledge, 99-02 is 1.5 Din, and 03-up is 2 din. I hope I'm wrong, because 2 din has so many more options...


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            That is what someone on here told me as well as a guy at a stereo shop. The only thing I see as being a problem besides having to cut up the dash bezel is a support bar right behind the stereo opening. I will keep you uys posted on my progress.


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              Toughluck is right about the DIN sizes. I drive a 2000 Silverado and mine is 1 1/2 DIN and my friend has an 04 and his is 2 DIN. I've been wondering if there is any way to convert ours to 2 DIN but I don't see it happening with converting the whole AC panel. And I don't figure that would work either.


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                From what I've heard (I take no responsibility for accuracy ), If you swap out the bucket that the A/C and Factory Stereo attach to with a 2003+ model, you can use the same A/C controller. So, if that's correct, all you would need is the bucket and bezel from a 2003+ model to get a 2 Din.


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                  I have no idea how this was overlooked...
                  Whatever. It shouldn't be in SOYP, though, as that forum is for completed project only. I've relocated the thread to Worklogs.
                  Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
                  How about the Wiki?

                  Under normal circumstances, a signature would go here.


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                    The factory bezel will only fit a 1.5 din, but the actual opening behind the bezel will take a 2 din. I just got done modding my bezel and put in a 2 din stereo. I will post pics as soon as I can. I was wondering if a 2003+ bezel would fit into a 1999-2002 dash. I was lucky to the fact that the support bar right behind the openng for the stereo didn't have to be moved for the stereo I used. Some deeper stereo may require someone to cut the backet, and realign it somehow.