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worklog: Streetdeck on a Model 02 OQO: Infiniti G35 coupe

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  • worklog: Streetdeck on a Model 02 OQO: Infiniti G35 coupe

    Hello everyone, for a long time i wanted a carpc but never had the time to actually get it done. I did a lot of research and realized that it wasn't going to be cheap or easy to install. I have a infiniti G35 coupe and recently decided i wasn't going to keep the car for the fact that i'm purchasing the 2008 G37, so installing a carpc was not an option since i wasn't keeping the car. I decided to go with a UMPC because i could take it out whenever i wanted to. I purchased a Model 02 OQO, Installed streedeck and loved it. I faced a problem on the install because i wanted somewhat of an OEM look but trying to fit it in the cubby hole where the stock navigation goes, caused the UMPC to over heat and shut off. " I was ****ed off cuzz it fit perfectly" So now i'm waiting for a car mount that i ordered thats been 1 month delayed. So i will soon have pictures up of the finished project. Till then i'll leave you with a video of what it looks like.

    "Sorry if it looked like i was lost but it was only my second day with it"