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  • 2001 Mustang v6

    I've been reading these forums for the past few weeks and have started to order my parts. I don't have any experience with building a computer, or with any car audio wiring so I'm praying I don't mess anything up. There are plenty of writeups from people that did the exact same thing I'm doing so hopefully I won't run into too many difficulties.

    My plan is to place the screen where the stock headunit currently sits. The computer will be going in the dash behind the screen. I will be using the stock Ford Mach 460 amps and speakers. There will be no relocation of the A/C controls or of any buttons. I plan to mold the front of the Lilliput touchscreen into the bezel. The DVD drive will be external and will be in the glove compartment. FM, Wifi, Bluetooth will be out of site. GPS and XM receivers will be placed as hidden as possible.

    On the software side, I plan on installing TinyXP. I had planned on just using foobar2k for music, and wmp for videos, but with my decision to add gps, fm, xm, and bluetooth, i'd much rather stick with 1 interface for everything. I haven't decided on a frontend yet though. Roadrunner seemed a little buggy for me, and Centrafuse is a little pricey.

    Here are the parts I have ordered for the computer:
    Lilliput 619GL-70NP/C/T 7" touchscreen - $225 from ebay
    VIA EPIA MII 10000 motherboard/cpu - $130 from ebay
    Kingston 512MB DDR266 - $29 from newegg
    Western Digital Scorpio 120GB 2.5" - $70 from newegg
    M1-ATX power supply - $46 from ebay
    Panasonic CW-8124b USB dvd-rom/cd-rw - $60 from ebay
    Generic bluetooth USB dongle - $4 from ebay
    Silabs FM Radio USB dongle - $40 from mouser
    Rosewill 4 port USB 2.0 hub - $10 from newegg
    MASSCOOL 80mm fan - $2 from newegg
    2.5" to 3.5" IDE cable - $3 from ebay

    Here are the cables I ordered from ebay to connect the onboard sound to the stock amp:
    3.5mm 1/8" Mini Plug to 2 RCA Jacks Y Adapter Cable 6"
    6" RCA Male Plug to 2 Female Jack Audio Y Adapter Cable (2x)
    Scosche FD03B Ford Premium RCAs to Dash / Amp Connector

    Parts I will need to purchase:
    Plexiglass or Lexan to build a case
    GPS receiver (BU-353)
    XM Universal Tuner
    XM Serial cable OR USB adapter
    WiFi USB adapter
    Small microphone for use with phone control
    Mini Keyboard
    Cable to utilize the 2 onboard USB ports
    Power Wires and Fuses
    Bondo Fiberglass, sandpaper, and spray paint for fabrication

    Parts are starting to come in, and when I start building I will update with photos.

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    Did the Aux to RCA connector work?

    I have a 2002 mustang, and trying to figure out how to connect the compter to the speakers...the connector you used, The name says Premium, and when i checked in Fry's the Premium connector was different from the normal ford connector...
    the aux connector i bought at Fry's has the Aux connector on one side and just wires on the other side....


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      I haven't finished my install yet. Been occupied with some other things. The harness I bought was the wrong one and I eventually decided to just go with a new amp, sub, and speakers.


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        Any updates?
        I'm eyeballing bezels.
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