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2004 Accord EX V6MT Navi

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  • 2004 Accord EX V6MT Navi

    Hey just showing a quick pic of my car unfortunately, I could only take this one bad pic with my phone but I'll try to get more later.

    So far completed
    -Inverters Hooked up
    -VGA/USB Wires Run to Trunk
    -Broke my laptop
    -Cut guncase fome to fit laptop
    -Monitor Mounted

    Needs to be Completed
    -Stock navi unit needs to be fix/replaced/or scraped
    -Recieve new laptop from sony
    -Take dvd out of laptop and install in external enclosure in glove box
    -Install aux audio adapter
    -If i scrap stock navi:
    -need to install fusion brain to control ac
    -need to install gps reciever
    -New laptop:
    -re-wire power switch to modem port for auto on
    -if onboard bluetooth, install PhoCo, otherwise get bluetooth for PhoCo
    -get roadrunner up and workin the way i like it
    -Cut guncase foam and holes in case for:
    -wires running from laptop
    -additional fans
    -Bracket mount the guncase in the trunk, so i can still open it and take laptop out but allowing it to still be combo locked for safety.
    -Mount the mini-keyboard next to passanger seat on hinge to rest over center console.

    If yall have any suggestions I would love to hear them, like I said ill get more pics sometime tomorrow maybe, as to where the wires are run, where the inverters are, where the keyboard will go, where the USB hubs are and where dvd will be.

    Image link if it doesnt show.

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    This is pretty much exactly what I want to do. The only difference is that I want to use a desktop in the trunk. As far as fabrication goes, what monitor did you use? What piece did you use to mount the monitor?


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      first off all, nice set up man! I have the same type of car with the factory navi, and I just want to put a mp3 player 1/8 inch aux into my car so I can listen to my mp3 player from my car speakers. Can you tell me whether is possible? and if it is, where I i go about getting the cable for it and the instructions on how to do it. THANK YOU