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'93 Camry - The Definition of Work in Progress

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  • '93 Camry - The Definition of Work in Progress

    So, with nothing to work with, little knowledge of what makes cars run (other than you need to put gas in them, oil too, and replacing air filters is pretty 'in easy, and plenty of years of computer/electrical (son of someone who called himself an electrician on at least one occasion) experience., i'm easing (head first though) into putting a PC in my car.

    Since i'm camera-less for the time being i'll just post a little plan i made in notepad (i'm not so handy with paint, despite graphics being my forte).

       T       D|HEAD     |       T
               D|TS (180*)|
    (FL)                          (FR)
                        |        |
    ( RL )                      ( RR )
    |D /|                         | J  |
    |H(S|                         | A  |
    |1 \|        S P A R E        | C  |
    |0  |                         | K  |
    |1_ |_\______________________ /____|
    Heres a little guidance for you.
    T, FR, FL, RL, RR, S are all speakers (front/rear left/right tweeter sub)
    fronts will stay stock for now (unless i need to tear out the panels with them in it, in witch case i will replace them) tweeters will remain unchanged regardless. Rears will be replaced with something adequate (i'm no audiophile, so i really don't need anything special) like alpine or pioneer (i'm not putting them in the same class before someone *****es). No specs on the sub just yet, i need to do some mesuring to see what size i can fit, if i can even fit one in front of the amp (see specs later)

    SPARE and JACK are what they are, i want to keep that area unobstructed, i'm graced with a full sized spare, and i'll be damned if i mount anything above it that hurts me getting it out.

    DH101 is the model of amp i'll use to drive the sub. It's really a home theatre pre-amp from 1978. It's not a tube amp, but it does have controls for volume, bass, treble, balance, and switches for selecting what you're listening to. I'm going to hope that it's powerful enough to drive a decent sub. The volume and the bass controls will poke out, but everything else will be stripped down.

    The computer (PC+RELTD) will be put underneath the passenger seat, there should be just enough room there for the essential bits, cooling will be provided with a set of quiet PC fans, given the cramped spaces.

    HEAD is the head unit, i'm going to keep it where it should be, it'll be piped into the input on the sound card, i'll rig up some way to keep it live so i can still use it.

    TS will be a touch-screen (1DIN) mounted upside-down. This will keep my AC/HEAT controls and vents accessible. It will block the cup-holders and ash-tray, but i don't smoke, and the cup holders are too small for most cups, and too big for most cans (1993 must have been a bad year for wine, because they don't hold glasses either). This will probably not be good for when i'm driving, but i'll rely on voice navigation for nav, and have no plans on using the PC for media right now (but i know i'll get there).

    The Gameplan
    The first part is to get a sub and drive it with the DH-101, once i have that set up i'll slowly gather the parts for the system and attempt to hook it all up in a weekend (famous last words i know).
    '93 Camry - Work Log
    Progress (Slow and Steady)
    Phase 1: Planning and Software Procurement
    Total Cost So Far: $75

    Free Laptop Parts (DVD ROM!)

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    '93 Camry - Work Log
    Progress (Slow and Steady)
    Phase 1: Planning and Software Procurement
    Total Cost So Far: $75

    Free Laptop Parts (DVD ROM!)