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'99 Volvo S40 Carputer.

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  • '99 Volvo S40 Carputer.

    Well, here goes! :-)
    As a long time thinker about this whole car-pc stuff, and since being in love with my car, and most of the time geeking around with pc's, it had to happen! :-)
    Let me start of with telling that I'm from Denmark, which is one of the most expensive countrys in the world, buying a car. Therefore, buying a 7 year old used Volvo S40 1,8 for about $20,000, is a good deal... :-(
    IMO most of the ppl in here are from the US, and to give you an idea of the prices, here's an example; (it's an expensive car, but it will give you an idea...
    BMW 335I sedan: Price in the US: MSRP $38,900
    Price in Denmark: MSRP $132,000

    The buying part of this projekt has taken about 6 months, while not in a hurry, and wishing to find some stuff at a good price.

    All in all, I think I've spent just a little under $1000 for the complete setup!:-)

    7" in-dash fully motorized touchscreen
    Xenarc MP-SC3, 2ghz P4, 512 mb low profile memory, 80 gigs of hdd, DVD-RW.
    Carnetix P1290
    Navibe SIRF III gps.
    Jabra A320s bluetooth dongle.
    Logilink WiFI dongle, with external antenna.
    Spacenavigator (still waiting for them to send it to me) Actually bought a Powermate, but I can't live without it on my stationary system now, so had to buy a new, and decided on the spacenavigator.
    IGuidance Europe (discontinued for updates, but it was cheap! LOL)
    In Car Terminal.

    Gonna get the stuff mountet next weekend, I hope... Still gotta order the harness to link the Carnetix psu to the Xenarc, and that is only available in the US.
    Gonna run this whole thing without a headunit, as I feel it would ruin the idea... (and my littlebrother needs a dvd-player in his girlfriends car! :-) )
    Also I have a 7 channel Pyle equalizer in the glovecompartment, to set the sound.

    The Screen when I got it. Notice the carbattery at the left bottom of the picture... Can't live without one in your apparment!

    Setting up the Xenarc... When doing stuff, do it in style!

    One of the amps... I know, I will clean up as the setup goes on! :-)

    Also I will have to flip over the spare wheel, and make it the new home of my newly best friend... Earthquake Shallow 12"

    Added 10K xenon to the fog-lights yesterday... DAMN!

    Gauges also redone, white with chrome-trim...

    Hope to do an update again tomorrow, this worklog will probably inspire me to do more work, sooner! :-) And will ofcourse post a lot of pics! :-)
    If you can't drive a stick... You can't drive!

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    My baby after a morning shower...
    (Remember to wash your car, everytime you wash yourself! )

    The 10K Xenon I added yesterday...

    If you can't drive a stick... You can't drive!


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      Got the setup designed... Gonna mount Xenarc and Carnetix on a 3mm aluminum plate... that should take away a little of the heat... If it's not enough, I'll mount a fan and try to find a cooling-profile at work, and steal it!
      Love my job! :-)
      If you can't drive a stick... You can't drive!