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2006 Audi A3 2.0T

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  • 2006 Audi A3 2.0T

    Started on this months ago but moved and just got back on it last week. I had most of the parts just needed to assemble it.

    I will update the specs when I remember them all.

    VIA EPIA MII1200
    WD 320gig HD (I think)
    1gig ram
    M1-ATX power supply
    2 craptastic 4 port USB hubs
    mounted in glove box

    Pioneer AVIC D3
    Sirius tuner

    USB wireless keyboard/mouse combo
    ps3 wireless mini keyboard
    need to find a usb touchpad mouse

    PCMCIA wireless G card
    belkin Bluetooth USB receiver
    Treo 750 on cingular with 3G

    Elemental Designs NINe.2 amp (3)
    Elemental Designs SQ10 sub
    custom fiberglass enclosure in stock location
    stinger Expert series RCAs
    Stinger expert series 0ga power wire
    Above mentioned Pioneer Avic D3

    OBD II / tuning:
    Ross-tech VAG-com cable and software
    REVO SPS Select plus and software
    Innovate LM-1 wideband, data logger
    Innovate LMA-3 5 channel add on for LM-1
    Perfect Power SMT6 for nitrous/methanol control

    06 Audi A3 2.0t 6spd manual
    Custom built tubular exhaust manifold (by me)
    Garrett GT3582R
    REVO software
    Autotech fuel pump
    TiAl 44mm wastegate
    TiAl BOV
    Snow performance methanol pump
    NX direct port nitrous using methanol instead of fuel or methanol by itself
    AWD swap in parts collection stage
    Obviously a whole lot of other stuff I forgot

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    motherboard mounted in the factory changer location in the glove box:

    Board sits on Aluminum 90 stock with washers to raise it off so it doesn't short. It fits perfectly snuggly in the removable pocket that would normally be replaced with the factory CD clanger if you had nav. I can remove the whole pocket from the glove box with the board in it then push the board out of the pocket.

    HD and power supply mounted in an open slot next to the motherboard:

    As you can see I made a mount to the side of the HD that holds the power supply using some aluminum and motherboard risers. That location is exactly the same width as the HD so it fits snuggly in with one screw through the back of the glove box.

    Switch interrupts ignition signal since I do a lot of work on the car I needed to be able to not have it come on when cycling the key.


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      The car came with a factory SAT and NAV antenna however the plug for the NAV did not match the D3 and I literally searched the world over for an adapter but could not find one. I could have spliced the ends but I didn't feel like dealing with it. For the SAT the factory ant uses the old style 2 plug setup so again not compatible with the D3. Factory AM/FM is in the glass on the hatch so not in the same ant.

      So where does that leave me I could have put the two ants on the roof and nwo had 3.. no.. I could also have put them on the dash which is where the NAV ant has been for the last 6 months.

      Answer, gut the factory roof ant and put the sat and nav pioneer ants in it:

      Unfortunately the put the ends on the wires BEFORE they soldered the whole thing together so they did not fit out of the hole in the base so I had to cut them off.. since the ant did nothing from the factory I am not really concerned with it and more then likely the car will be sold complete or totaled one day. I also had to drill out the hole and to fit the ends from the Pioneer ants through the base. actually had to grind off the rubber coating of the sat ant. They are held in place with clear RTV.


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        clearly need a lot more then 2 usb ports so I picked up 2 cheap 4 port hubs one will dangle off the back of the board with the two keyboard antennas and the bluetooth ant.

        The other I opened up to check out the guts It will be installed cut through the back of the glove box so just the ports stick through. I am going to jump both of them to the 5volt off the power harness so there are no issues with the signals.

        D-link wireless G card for updating the computer. I work for an automotive software company (REVO Technik) so I can just pull the car into the shop or do it from the parking lot, more on some tricks there later . Belkin bluetooth ant for connecting to my Treo 750 which has cingular 3G for regular internet connection on the road.

        I forget the brand but someone I used to have my shop in with had this keyboard for his carputer. wireless 2.4ghz with built in joystick style mouse. This will be the main keyboard for passengers or when the car is parked, now if only I can find the usb ant for it DOH. I also was lucky enough to come across posts here with the PS3 keyboard so I went and grabbed one of those yesterday, this will before quick inputs when driving, changing channels with the data logging etc. I am also going to pick up a touchpad style mouse and probably install it in the top of the armrest. Since I am not using a touchscreen that is compatible with the computer I need other input devices.


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          I was torn between doing a screen or doing some sort of headunit/nav setup. Since I really don't plan to use it much for music and really more for tuning and data-logging I don't need to be able to use it on a daily basis. In the end it made more sense to go with a regular headunit with a screen. Luckily my performance shop used to be in with a stereo shop that had an account with the local pioneer distributor so I got a good deal on the D3. Reason I don't plan to really use the puter for mp3s is I don't really have any other then what I ripped off my few CDs and thats mostly because I hate to chose what I am listening too, but DJs **** me off so I got a Sirius tuner for the D3

          I'll get more pics of what I started with the system and the sub when I get a chance but here is the amps I am using (3 of them). Sub is an ED SQ10 built into a customer fiberglass box in the stock location of the trunk wall, its a shallow, like 4" deep sub. I started on the amp rack but then tossed it when I moved, I'll build a new one soon. for the past 6 months the D3 has been running through the stock Bose amp just fine. All wire and RCas are Stinger Expert series.. discounts were too good to pass up. I'll dig up pics of those things too.


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            Now what fun is a carputer if you have to be in the car to use it. Lucky for us our boy Bill Gates put in that lovely remote desktop feature in XP so I can set it up to connect from my laptop whether in work or at home (apt right now ick). But how do you turn it on.. well you use an alarm with a 1mile range that is. The can module I have to integrate it as an alarm/remote start did not have the correct firmware so I haven't touched it in months as I am too lazy/cheap to go buy a working one. However I will be able to toss it back in and use one of the other channels to turn on the carputer.


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              Now for the heart of why I am doing this, Datalogging and tuning without having to break a laptop out.

              On the left you have the Ross-tech OBD II CAN cable. The A3 is entirely CAN based so not just any obdII cable works with the car. They also make the software that is compatible with the car which mimics every feature of the dealer scan tool. I've actually used it in the past when working at dealers to do things they lock the techs out of

              On the far right you see the REVO SPS select plus. This is made by the comapny I work for. We do performance software for VW, Audi, and Porsche. This unit allows users to switch settings in their ECM. You can go back to stock, switch octane modes, disable the vehicle, and put in a valet mode. This unit also has 3 user presets which you can adjust boost, timing and fuel with. With the software loaded and the unit plugged into the car and the computer you can actually use it direct. Along with the ross-tech software you can dial the vehicle in.

              Top is the Innovate LM-1 I actually need to remove this from the mix and get one of their smaller units as this is really meant for shop use and is kind of big to keep installed. But its basically a wideband display datalogger. Since it will be connected to the PC and the car has a wideband stock I really don't need the display or the storage capability. But it stays for now.

              Below that is the LMA-3. This unit is a 5 channel add on unit for the LM-1. I will use this to log EGTs, boost, acceleration, and whatever else I want. Its not critical to check alot of things as I can check any sensor with the Ross-tech software and datalog.

              Innovate and Ross-tech both also have virtual gauge software.

              Not pictured because I can't find it is the Perfect Power SMT-6. The unit is techincally a piggyback unit for tuning but I don't need it and it won't work on this car anyway. But it has an additional injector controller built into it which can be setup to be used for variable nitrous control. It can also be loaded with switchable maps. There will be two. The first will be for just methanol, basically setup to direct inject methanol into each manifold runner. This will cool the charge air, add more fuel and increase octane. The second setting will be a combined nitrous and methanol map. The fuel system is way too complicated on this car to just tap into for a wet setup so I decided to use methanol which led me to his whole nutty two stage, variable injection time, direct port nitrous methanol setup..


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                And now for the fun stuff (well to me at least)

                Custom built by me 1 1/2 SS rams horn style manifold:

                test fitting, changed some stuff hooray for tack welds.:

                lonely engine bay:

                turbo comparison.. all smaller then what I am using
                left to right: some random t3/t4 I had around, gt28R, stock K03

                AWD setup and one of my other cars 00 jetta 1.8t with a GT28RS, does about 300 to the wheels dynoing this weekend to test the latest setup:

                GT3582R .82 exhaust housing, borrowed this one from a friend for mockup, mine will be here this week. In front is the stock chra for comparison and the TiAl bov and wastegate: