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1988 EA Falcon - Aussie CarPC Install

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  • 1988 EA Falcon - Aussie CarPC Install

    Hey guys,

    Long time lurker, first time poster:P

    Just got started on my Carpc install into my 1988 EA Ford Falcon

    THE CAR...

    I have a computer set up do go into it and everything (dont know specs of the top of my head at the moment)

    I recently started fabricating my monitor, so i thought i'd start with that

    i bought this 8" touch screen monitor off ebay a couple weeks ago, being a expensive ish new gadget i was scared to touch it, let alone cut bits off it! LOL

    Here are some specs..

    1. Display Method TFT (Active Matrix System) Crystal clearTouch Screen and wide angle image
    2. Active Matrix TFT Screen Size 8 inch 4 : 3 (Diagonal Length); (162 x 121)mm
    3. OSD menu, multi language supported (English, Deutsch, Italian, espanol, Chinese)
    4. Overall dimension (205 x 165 x 30)mm
    5. 12V DC input Voltage
    6. Native resolution 800 x 600. Highest resolution up to 1024 x 768.
    7. dot distance is 0.204*0.204mm
    8. Contrast 350 : 1
    9. Brightness 300cd/Squa
    10. Response time less than 22ms
    11. High View angle L/R 150 degree
    12. Auto switch PAL and NTSC at AV mode

    well yesterday i finally decided to get into it

    ripped it apart,

    testing aproximatly where i want it to sit,

    cutting begins,
    (note to self... angle grinders + plastic don't mix...)

    I got out the glue gun and glued it into the area i want it in,

    Anyway thats where it sits now.

    I dont want to continue until i can get to the car and see how the angle is and im sure the screen has enough room there to fit back in (i dont know if that wood will be in the way)

    but i've taken a bit of fibreglass supplies to get started on it at home, i should have some more updates soon!

    ***Sorry about some of the pics - they were taken with my phone)***

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    bit more progress..

    test fit it in the car..

    It fitted in there with millimeter precision

    so i pulled the screen back off and got started on glassing it up,

    Thats where i left it at for tonite, going to let it dry over night and if i feel like it might start sanding it down tomorrow


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      Looking good, cannot wait for more progress shots - keep it up, glad to see yet another Ozzie car being modded
      F6 Tornado Project Log ; HP Blackbird Watercooled Server

      Beta Tester for Centrafuse and 3dConnexion (No business affiliation with either)


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        Just spent 1/2 the day sanding all that glass down to the approximate shape i want it in and test fitted the lcd and tried it into the car,


        Still needs a heap of building up and sanding, but atleast its got the general shape now


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          Nice work so far, those cars are tanks, so roomy.
          Continued Worklog... Upgrades in progress:
          *15.4" WXGA LED backlight touchscreen upgrade
          *Custom fiberglass dash bezel