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2002 Camry Sportivo V6 Manual

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  • 2002 Camry Sportivo V6 Manual

    Well I finally upgraded from the 97 Corolla Seca. And I have upgraded to a 2002 Camry Sportivo

    Its Silver that looks like a greenie colour during the day, i think its called morning dew or something like that...

    Its got the High Spoiler and TRD grille, Sunroof, King Springs (My mate discovered them (i was too excited and didn't notice) - looks like super lows but i don't know), 17x7 Vortex Toyota Rims, and then all the standard V6 Sportivo features.

    I have currently upgraded the sound system, and soon plan to add my carputer again (once i can sort out the software... GPS is proving to be a difficult thing for us Aussies )

    The current specs are: Headunit: Pioneer DEH-P6850MP, Pioneer iPod adaptor, Apple iPod 40Gb 4th Gen, Front: Focal 1656KP K2s, Rear: Stock, Kicker Solo-Baric L7 12" DVC 4ohm (Parallel at 2 ohm), Sub Amp: Response 820W Monoblock (700WRMS at 2 ohm)

    And my Carputer Specs are: Via Epia M10000 1Ghz Mini-Itx CPU and Mobo, M1-ATX, 256Mb DDR Ram, 120Gb 2.5" HDD, Slim Slot-load DVD+/-RW, USB GPS, USB WiFi, USB BT, Lilliput EBY-701

    I've attached some pics of the car, and the current sounds system...
    What i plan on doing is, mounting my Lilliput EBY-701 where my headunit currently is, this will require fabrication, as the lilliput it taller than the hole (not the screen just the case) and narrower than the hole... And then shift the headunit down to the area in front of the gear stick (again fabrication will be required to make a single din mounting point there...)

    For software i am in the process of working on a frontend... still undecided as to if i'll use it or not... but i am not happy with RR and Centrafuse costs too much... (though it does have D6 integrated which is almost worth buying it for...) The reason i am wanting to create my own is i want to make it easy to use and work as though it was a factory item (like the factory GPS system that you can get for them... but with more features...) And i also want it to be all integrated into the app itself none of this embedding apps (which still doesn't make them totally touchsreen friendly)...

    Any suggestions? or tips yet?
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    Ive driven one of those in manual, they really go. I think your the closest carputer owner in living distance to me, so im a fan! Subscribed.
    Continued Worklog... Upgrades in progress:
    *15.4" WXGA LED backlight touchscreen upgrade
    *Custom fiberglass dash bezel


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      hey, let me know how you like those speakers, I was considering them at one point

      2006 Mazda 3
      Behringer DCX-2496
      JL300/4 Focal 6W4311B Focal TN52
      JL500/1 JL10w6v2


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        Biggy well I am already subscribed to your thread Yeah i am pretty happy with how it goes... I am yet to put it down the 1/4 mile... the trip to willowbank will happen though

        Dennis5587, they are really nice, quite decent midbass and nice sound quality, I do want to get my doors sound deadened though, and get the tweeters aligned professionally... (I have already got the speakers installed just don't have any photos yet, and i am currently on holidays for two weeks in Victoria (at my GF's place ) so i don't have my car with me...)

        This what i would like my screen to turn out like:

        I quite like the buttons too... I was thinking of seeing if i could get some of those buttons and interface them to the computer's serial port or something like that... though i might need to get the button surround too so i could make the nice hole the the buttons are in...

        I have another thread looking for suggestions on how to actually mount the screen...


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          Look what i just won on Ebay:

          This should be a fair bit quicker and more responsive than the Via EPIA M10000 Mini-ITX board i've got atm...

          Progress Shots: First one is from about a week ago, last one was from my progress from after work this afternoon
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            w00t! another aussie car PC enthusiast. How's it all coming together? I have an 07 Camry and I'm going to be putting a car PC in there very soon.
            2007 Camry Altise In-dash Car PC


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              Long time since an update... I've had a renewed burst of energy (I'm getting married in 3 weeks, so would be good to have it done before I move in with my wife as we will only have a small flat with very little area to work)

              I've got the new mobo, Its an Axiomtek SBC86807 Mini-ITX motherboard with a Intel Pentium M 1.8Ghz CPU and 1GB DDR Ram. Rest of the specs of the carputer are, 120GB 2.5" IDE Hard Drive, Pioneer Slot-Load DVD+-RW, M1-ATX 12V PSU, Navibe USB GPS, USB Bluetooth, ASUS WL-138G WiFi and Molded in Dash Lilliput EBY701.

              Heres a couple of pictures of the carputer in its current status:

              Any suggestions for a good spot filler for those little holes that I have left to finish...?


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                Looks like it's coming along quite nicely. That dash is gonna look neat when it's done

                Where are you mounting the PC? Trunk?
                2007 Camry Altise In-dash Car PC


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                  You got my interest. Im not even a toyota fan but that is a good looking car. Can't wait to see what the pc looks like installed.


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                    Originally posted by MeeM View Post
                    Looks like it's coming along quite nicely. That dash is gonna look neat when it's done

                    Where are you mounting the PC? Trunk?
                    Yeah I hope so :-)

                    I'm thinking of mounting the PC under my drivers seat, other wise I'll need to get a long VGA cable, and long USB cable to a powered USB hub. What do other people do?

                    Thanks for the interest and comments :-)


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                      Yeah under the seat is fine, just make sure you have adequate ventilation and cooling.
                      2007 Camry Altise In-dash Car PC


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                        Doing some more work on it today... I bought some K&H Stop Putty before I got married and have been to busy since to do anything with it, so got a chance today to do it...

                        Its nearly ready to prime and paint...

                        On the software side, I decided to buy Centrafuse today... got the Aussie version with the 30% off and with the dollar so strong, I paid US$192.50 which worked out to only about AU$235.00 so it was pretty good :-) And I'll get the free upgrade to 3.0 when it comes out...

                        So I want to get a BT OBDII device so I can have OBDII, I see one on DealExtreme ( ) I wonder if that would work with my car?

                        I also want to get a reversing Camera, so also a USB video input so i can connect it to my computer... And then a relay-board of some sort so that I can set Centrafuse to automatically select the Camera when i put the gear leaver into Reverse...

                        Other later stage items I wouldn't mind are: TPMS for the tyres, Temperature Sensors for Outside and Inside Temp Display... A PCI Graphics Card, and PCI Sound Card, so that I can have Dual Zone, and a 2nd Screen for the back for rear-seat entertainment (and probably some wireless Headphones to go with it)


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                          I've had another renewed burst of energy... I got a new phone... a iPhone 3GS 32Gb... so this will replace my previous iPod Touch 2G 16GB which I swapped for my original iPod Classic 160GB, and it also replaced my Nokia N95...

                          So now I'm wanting to get my carputer finished, and I'm also planning to build a iphone dock down in front of the gear stick bellow where the headunit will be mounted. And then the iPhone can be connected via USB to the carputer, so i can play podcasts and music in Centrafuse of the iPhone and also charge the iPhone at the same time...

                          So I'm planning to get stuck into my carputer on Saturday, hopefully the weather will be nice so i can get some nice drying weather, to finish off the spot putty filling and then get into painting...


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                            looking forward to seeing the finished project birdie as i'm looking at doing a similar project in a VX commodore with Iphone 4 (+handsfree bluetooth) and dual zone video/audio to wireless headphones for passenger. have you found any good sites/info on this?


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                              Originally posted by springate View Post
                              looking forward to seeing the finished project birdie as i'm looking at doing a similar project in a VX commodore with Iphone 4 (+handsfree bluetooth) and dual zone video/audio to wireless headphones for passenger. have you found any good sites/info on this?
                              Thanks, yeah I need to get my butt into gear and finish mine... problem for me is I'm a bit of a perfectionist, and sometimes my expectations are above my capabilities, so it takes me a long time to get it done...

                              Yeah I want to do the dual zone, not that it will get much use yet, as we don't have any kid-ets yet, still a couple of years before wife and I are planning for them..., but yeah its what i want to do, maybe it might be part of a future hardware upgrade, as i'll need another video card and sound card, also i'm not sure if Centrafuse supports dual-zone yet, there was mention of it a while ago...

                              What would be awesome is a screen like on the one in the top of the range Range Rover (saw it on Top Gear) where from the drivers seat you see the GPS nav, and from the passenger seat you saw a movie or something... on the same screen!!!