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98' - Pontiac - Grand Am GT

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  • 98' - Pontiac - Grand Am GT

    So yeah been reading up on the projects from this site... got soome to wire stuff as a hobbie...soo heres what im working with...what it looked like in the had a blown engine!!! and a few hail damage dings. it also had a slight right front dent.
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    Next Step

    Ok so heres what i got just b/c i never really done this before (Car remodel and posting) im trying this all from scratch so bare with me!!

    So heres my plans
    -Lcd screen or deck in the dash
    -New Speakers
    -New 2x 12 Subs
    -Another Amp (allready have a kenwood 1800 watt. amp.)
    -New Carpet
    -Led interior lighting
    -Electronic back seat actator (to lift the seat up and down)
    -Secound battery
    -Tint the windows to %20
    -New rims
    -and still adding to the list
    but any who.... here is a updat of what i have done soo far

    hope to be done for a little while soon
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      The first post was how i had recieved it, and the rest are all things i have added to it!


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        and i hit a snag.....

        So I was working on wiring and was in the process of pulling wires..... and well apparently things were going a little to good...because i just so happen to fell the under side of the carpet and it was a little wet... so I decided oh well no biggie...ill just dry it out later.... yeah so went on was pulling the wire forward...and once again felt the carpet...hmmmmm well it was getting more wet the farther to the front i moved.... well now i have to Rip the carpet out and come to find out that under the carpet the mat and all are on the first stages of mold...(Spores) and so yeah now i have to just step back... let it dry up, and see if i cant find where the water is coming in.... needless to say Starting from the beginning.... and it has just been Stty weather the past few days too.....oh well now back to the drawling board and now I got time to plan more
        ?!?!?!?! Good or bad I dono yet.... may end up with new carpet before i was expecting..... Well Iím out!!!!

        Current Pics!!!!
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