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2007 Honda Accord LX first time install

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  • 2007 Honda Accord LX first time install

    This will be my first CarPuter project this is what I am looking at installing so far:


    Things I already have are in green
    Things that I am waiting to arrive / on order are in red


    Honda Accord 2007 LX

    - Mainboard: Jetway J7F2WE-2G 2GHz
    - Case: Morex 3677 Mini-ITX Case - Black
    - Memory: DDR2 533 RAM 1GB
    - 80GB Deskstar 2.5" HDD
    - Hard Disk 80GB Deskstar 2.5"
    - CD/DVD Drive: Panasonic Slotloading CD-RW/DVD Combo
    - Power Supply: 160 Watt M2-ATX Intelligent Automotive Power Supply

    - Lilliput 7" Touch Screen

    - ProGIN Bluetooth GPS
    - Car2PC HON1

    - Windows XP Pro SP2
    - iGuidance 4.0
    - RoadRunner Frontend

    Installation Location
    -Lower CD storage compartment trying to keep the flip down lid in tact - Spare Storage Compartment purchased on eBay waiting for it to arrive

    Future Adon's
    - Sirius (XMAS wishlist lets see if my wife buys me the 2 components I need) SHE DID!!
    - OBDII (still need to understand how this works)
    - WiFi (Verizon EVDO works really well)
    I will start posting pictures as I begin the install so far I have the Lilliput, GPS, the hardware should be arriving this week so I can start a dry run install.

    Wish me luck and suggestions / links are always welcome


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    Good luck with your project, If you are doing an indash install thats going to be tricky with an Accord, due to their oddly shaped radio opening. Did you get a kit for screen mounting.?
    Planning (xxx--)
    Parts (xx---)
    Front End (x----)
    Fabrication (xx---)


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      I am actually going to try and install it in the lower dash CD storage and try and keep the door functioning.

      I purchased a spare on ebay so I can cut it and fit the Lilliput inside.


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        Ok my spare lower bezel arrived yesterday and I started to make the cuts, I am having a terrible time cutting through the plastic does anyone have any tips on tools to use to cut this thing?

        Also for anyone that has already fabricated the Lilliput in to the lower bezel can you tell me if you had to remove the LCD casing or were you able to keep it intact? I do not feel to confident in taking apart the Lilliput

        I'll post pictures of my bezel progress tonight.


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          All my parts are in and I have built the PC loaded Windows XP SP2 with RoadRunner/DigitalFX 2.5 and iGuidance so far things are going ok on the hardware/software side.

          I have changed my approch on fabricating the lower bezel I still plan on being able to use the door but I am going to try and use the actual lilliput with stand in tact and mount it in the bezel. To do this I will need to relocate the latch and spring as I need to cut about 1/2 of the bezel section that houses these components. I will then create a frame to fit around the outside of the lilliput housing to hide any open spaces.

          I am not sure if anyone has taken this approch but what the heck I will give it a try its spare bezel I got off eBay.

          This weekend I plan on starting to run the electrical wires/fuses etc as well as working on the bezel some more. I'll try and post pictures of the bezel progress..


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            Ok so the lower bezel mount failed horribly..

            I did get all the power/cables/usb hub run and everything is up and running i just need to do some fine tuning..


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              I am also planning on installing a computer into my Honda Accord. I have the EX-V6 model.

              I don't have a monitor picked out yet, but I think it's going to be a 7" touch screen of some sort. I had bought a replacement bezel for the lower section. I think I bought it off It has a cutout for a double din sized unit and is meant to be mounted in the lower part where the door is. The hole measures 7 1/2" by 4" so it should accommodate most 7" screens (some may need some modding).

              I'd have to make some bracket to mount it, but this provides a nice clean finish. We'll see I guess.

              Just figured I'd bring that up in case you might want to check it out, might find some use for it.

              It's nice to see someone else attempting this for the same type of car, so I'll be checking in often to see what you've had success with. Good luck.


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                Thanks for the heads up I was going to try and use the bezel with the cover at first but that did not work out so I will take a look at the double DIN you mentioned and try that.. I do have everything installed now and runs great..

                Let me know if I can be of any help


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                  Look for my old post.
                  You need to remove the screen and gizzards form the bezel them fab the bezel into the new lower cubby area then mount them screen and gizzards back to the bezel..

                  see my sig for pics..
                  10 acura TL tech
                  10 BMW S1000RR


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                      Hows it going? Any progress?
                      Mike M
                      2006 Accord VP Sedan

                      My worklog


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                        Ah thanks for reminding me I should have updated this a while ago but I have been busy. I have everything installed and running it works great. Still need to complete the bezel but I have it in there for now.. I should try and post some pictures like I keep promising


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                          So i got the Sirus components I wanted for xmas along with a SlingBox! I ordered a Temp/Volt sensor so that should be in soon

                          I went to start installing my new toys and found that I had a hole in my radiator so the car is in the dealers right now only has 4500miles so i hope everything is still covered.


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                            i really wish DFX had slingplayer integrated in to it that would be awesome, I am thinking about emailing John and asking if it is possible if I give him access to my slingbox


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                              Wow, pretty early for a hole in the radiator? Did something get kicked up and puncture it?
                              Mike M
                              2006 Accord VP Sedan

                              My worklog