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  • Jeep Cherokee Car Computer

    I started this project in the summer of 2007; however, after school started for the semester, I simply haven't had the time to work on it. Luckily, classes are winding down for Thanksgiving break and I have had some time to install everything. Somehow, my friends and I managed to mold the dash and install the computer in little over one week. So, here are the pictures. If anyone has any questions just shoot me an e-mail. This is somewhat brief so if you want more pictures of the molding process just let me know.

    Here I am testing the computer and installing all of the software and media.

    Here is the inside of the dash. Some cutting had to be done and I had to lengthen the CD player wiring harness about 4 feet to get it to the center console where it was relocated.

    The dash before any cutting.

    The first cut.

    Taping off the dash to fit the screen.

    Test fitting the wooden surround.

    Trimming the case so it will pass the mounting tabs in the dash.

    Wooden filler for the edges next to the A/C controls.


    Painting in the paint booth.

    Remounting the screen.

    Now, after approx. 35 hours of molding, painting, and sanding, here is the final product.

    Car Computer Components
    VIA EPIA-EN15000G 1.5GHz VIA C7 nanoBGA2 mini ITX
    M1-ATX 90 Watt- Smart Automotive Power Supply
    FLT-6100-18 cables
    Hitachi 80GB 7200/8mb 2.5” Mobile SATA HD
    Ultra 1024MB PC4200 DDR2 533MHz
    BU-353 Weather-proof GPS Receiver
    StreetDeck North America Software with Development Tools
    Ampie Car Computer Case
    Kenwood Ez500 CD-Receiver
    JL 10” W0 sub woofer
    Linksys WUSB54GSC network adapter
    Xenarc 1020TSV 10.2” VGA LCD

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    Well done, great job on the fascia!

    It looks like it came injection-molded like that from the factory. give yourself a knock on the shoulder, and have a couple beers, you deserved it
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      Great looking install.

      What did you do with the set of switches that was previously below the HVAC controls?
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        Nice work man i got the same monitor.
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          lovely work, where did you put the computer?


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            Very nice work on the bezel.

            However, I would worry about it cracking due to the difference in expansion rates between the wood and the abs. Not all over teh piece, but in the margin where the different materials meet.

            How did you fill the "gaps" where the joints were? If it was a reinforced body filler, you may be alright.

            I used plastic welding to create my screen/bezel. But I've got a bit more than 35 hours into it by now and it's still not done!

            Very nice and professional looking integration into the existing dash though.
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              how did you route your cables? just all through the center console?
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                Looking nice man, looks real factory.
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                  which case?
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                    how did you remove that center section cuz i have a 2000 jeep cherokee and i need to hook somthing up behind the radio i have an aftermarket sony stereo


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                      That is exactly what I'm doing because of my pioneer. I moved the hvac down and took out the ashtry stuff and I am in the process of making a bezel
                      My Install: 2001 WJ Jeep Grand Cherokee (Ubuntu Mobile, Angel Eyes, Flowmaster 40)


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                        How much would you pay to do that to my cherokee? Ill buy all parts screen computer etc. and pay you name your price.