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2007 Honda Civic Si Install

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  • 2007 Honda Civic Si Install

    Just bought a new honda civic, and what better way to spruce it up then with a new computer.

    I wanted to make a removeable system, so that if i wanted to upgrade the hw, i could do so as easily as possible. So i planned to build a system like the infill g4. To do this, i bought a nav dash at an internet honda parts store.

    Then i put bondo on the backside to extend the width of the screw mounts. I am using a 7" xenarc touchscreen, and it is just a bit wider then the original screw mounts.

    Then i fabricated a case out out of thin steel and mounted my intel d201gly board to it.

    Being that i wanted the screen removable, i utilized the slot in the back of the xenarcs to connect it to the case. I made a mounting plate and bent the top and bottom outward to create a stiff backing.

    With that screen in, it takes only 4 screws to screw the whole assembly into the dash.

    Currently i do not have a hdd, but i plan on using a 2.5" laptop drive. I already have an adapter. I also plan on using a usb powered external dvd/cd-rw drive as my optical drive. I plan on installing it above where the screen is.

    If you notice in the pictures, i also have installed an m2 psu. I plan on connecting this directly to the factory stereo power wire. I also plan on using the internal amps and wiring to output sound.

    Lemme know what you think of setup so far.

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    Big news, the carputer is going to go live this weekend!!!!

    As of this moment, the computer is working, and im just installing and configuring software. The front end will be RR.

    Here is the progress so far.

    I wanted some ports on the front dash so i could connect usb and stereo connectors from inside the car. I thought it would be a great mod to install ports from a computer case. These ports connect directly to headers on the mainboard.

    With my tv/radio card, i will be able to listen to fm and watch tv. Plus, it has a recording feature, and i hope to set up the radio with tivo-like capabilities. Hopefully i will be able to pause/record and skip commercials with the right interface.

    Here is the computer case so far. I still need to mount a top to the case. The hdd will be mounted below the top and the dvd drive will sit above the case. I still need to cut a slot for the dvd drive, but that is later. I will also mount a 4-port usb hub so that all the usb connections will be utilized.

    List of usb connections: Dvd drive, Touchscreen, GPS

    List of todo: Paint the bezel, finish the case, cut slot for dvd drive.

    Then i can mount and install it. I hope i can interface the pc and car in less than 1 day. It would suck where i have to drive the car without a dash. Im hoping the interfacing goes smoothly.


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      Someone threw a wench in the gears...

      Okok... i know i just posted that my project would go live this weekend. Big problems, my xenarc touchscreen is broken. I kinda broke the touchscreen glass. It cracked in the corner thus breaking the 5-wire connection. Below you can the pics.

      So what does this mean??? Means i had to shell out another $70 for a new touchscreen panel. Means my xenarc is sitting waiting to be put together again. Means my computer is going to stay on the workbench until maybe next weekend or so.

      Whoever thinks they can build one of these bad boys without going over budget is under-estimating the hardships they will face. This is like the 10th thing i did not realize would happen to me.



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        More case stuff

        Ok, so i added a top to the case.

        Next step is to mount the dvd drive and hard drive. Hard drive will sit below the top and the dvd drive will sit above.

        I do however had a small problem. The screen is not center on the opening. Also the bondo is pulling away from the weight of the case. So im going to fill in the screw holes, and redo the bondo that is pulling away. Also, im going to add more bondo along the bottom to help distribute the weight of the case.

        Now off to redo the bondo and cut a slot for the dvd drive


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          I like the case design....very nice and compact.
          One suggestion though,instead of using bondo,which is designed as a filler,and not really as a structural component;how about using some abs plastic and some epoxy to make your screw mounts from?
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            Does abs come as a liquid/gel form? When i walked into walmart, they only had bondo and fiberglass filler.

            Where would i find this abs and epoxy stuff at?

            Btw, just about finished with it. If the screw mounts ever go bad again, i will try this new method.


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              You can find sheets of abs at your local car audio shop (the 1/8th inch thick sheets are nice),epoxy you can get at Home Depot or any auto parts store.
              I can pretty much guarantee those screws are going to come loose again with that bondo,probably the first time you install it,or the first bump you hit on the road.
              Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic - Arthur C. Clarke


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                Big update

                Ok, sorry about the long time between posts. Ive made alot of progress, and I dont have photos that span the course of it. I just wanted to get it done, but I have hit a wall. I will show you what I mean at the end.

                Ok, the case now has a lid, and the hdd is mounted and ready to go.

                Also, I took off and will keep off the retaining steel bar that I put in to keep the lcd from falling out. The case will still hold the lcd in place, and the lcd will not fall out when connected to the dash. It was just a ***** to get access to the lcd when installed. This will make it easier to service or change anything.

                Now onto the dash. I have used bondo to create the cd opening. I tried my best to shape it into the dash, and I say it looks good. I made a rough shape, and then used my dremel to shape it how i like. Then i used sandpaper to bring it to a nice finish.

                However, I had to bondo 3-4 more times to cover up certain spots, holes, etc. Once i thought it was ready for primer, I gave it a few layers and then sanded.

                Now, this is the bad part. No matter how many layers I put on and sand, I seem to not be able to get rid of these dimples and small cracks. I even tried applying a small thin layer of bondo to try and fill in the cracks. Ive been at this for a few days of filling then sanding. These things will not go away....

                Ive had it, im just about to spray the final color coat on it and get it over. Any suggestions on how to fix this will be appreciated. I really dont want to put this in till its perfect, but it just wont work.

                Please help....


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                  there's still stuff called bondo putty. its basically like bondo, but already premixed-ish. you put it on there and do some light sanding with some fine sandpaper. bondo is only good for big stuff, but once you get to the small stuff like that, you need to use the bondo putty. thats where im kind of at as well. im just about to go out and buy some. you can get that stuff at any auto store like checkers/auto zone, etc.

                  as for the holes like for your audio, etc. i think you should go over those with a drill bit about that size. but dont use a drill, just use your hand. just to lightly shape it out to a perfect circle.

                  otherwise..everything looks good! i really like the case you made for it and how you made it all removable. keep posting! cant wait to see how it all turns out!


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                    After that last post i made, i just went crazy with some 80-grit sandpaper. I pretty much sanded out everything, and then fine sanded back to finish quality. The holes are gonna be fine, im not too worried about it. Sure i would like it to look 100% perfect, but with the progress i made so far, im happy.

                    I just put on my first coat of color, so no more shaping for me. Im gonna give it a few coats of flat back, then finish it up with some clear. Hopefully this coming saturday will be the big install day.

                    Also after much thinking, once that is installed and working with RR, im gonna get dirty writing my own front-end. Sure there are some nice ones out there, but i need to get back into the coding game. Hopefully this will get me a job out of it.


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                      nice..well good luck with the install! cant wait to see the final product. im always excited to see people's final products, esp from when they started so i can see their progress.

                      so how are the creases and such? pretty much gone?


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                        For those cracks, just get a tube of bondo Spot/glazing putty. It's in a red/black tube, and it's made for small holes like those.

                        It's looking great so far
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                          i'm amazed that whole box fits in the dash. It's funny, i wonder what the internet parts dealers think of all these nav bezels flying off the shelf.

                          looking forward to seeing your progress!
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                            You know, i kinda havnt even taken apart the dash yet. Im going to be really ****ed if it doesnt fit. I was just assuming it was going to fit considering the size of some of the double din radios.

                            I really hope it fits. Im going to cry and/or break something if it doesnt.


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                              i used to have an eclipse DD head in my car and it was awful close. Of course, the only real obstacle you have back there is the steel tube that runs through the dash. Most everything else in there can be trimmed out with relatively little consequence.
                              Et ipsa scientia potestas est.

                              Worklog for my 2007 Civic Si ...f*** it...
                              Pictures of the Corolla (retired)here
                              Need to make something? Here are a few ideas.