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94 Honda Civic Si DJ.Esco Build v2.0

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  • 94 Honda Civic Si DJ.Esco Build v2.0

    Greets to all,
    The following is my 2nd Carputer Project. You will also find pics of my first build which was also a 94 Honda Civic.

    Here are my current project Specs note that future plans are in blue:
    Vehicle:1994 Honda Civic Coupe
    Engine and Mods:D16z6 (P08), P29 Pistons, SSR Adjustable Cam Gears, Custom 4-1 Header, 60mm Integra LS Throttle Body, Skunk2 Intake Manifold, Short Ram Intake, Crower Stage 2 Cam, Crower Ti Retainers and Springs.
    Please note I plan to go with a turbo setup. I am seeking the advice of Jason Herera of St00p1d Fast Racing for this and TopSecret which is also in Houston for programming the ECU.

    Interior Mods:
    A Pillar Gauge Pod from Autometer (2 Gauge)
    Autolite ProComp Gauges
    Molded Lilliput LCD Touch Pannel to Dash
    change all control buttons and/or switches to touch sensors from Allied Products
    Mold Mini Key by Dream Gear for PS2 into Dash (using Tradekeys to custom map keyboard to OS)

    Ultra White Lighting under dash using Nicha LED system

    Custom Fabrication of interior door pannels
    Custom Fabrication of interior rear deck to include back up cam
    Custom Fabrication of Dash and Center console segments.
    Custom Fabrication of inside of Trunk

    Exterior Mods:
    Shaved Contour lines located on top of vehicle roof.
    Shaved Trunk key hole.
    Shaved Contour lines located along vehicle sides.
    Carbon Fiber Hood
    Rolled front fenders and expanded 2 1/2 inches from body.
    Rolled Rear fenders.
    Convert trunk to flip sideways
    add clear gas door
    Hide away Licence Plate

    Skunk2 Coilover system
    Lowered the Vehicle (Now has a 3 1/2 underbody clearance and drivable)

    Add Capacitor
    Change Battery Location (Relocate)

    Galls FS037 Multi-Pattern Police/Emergency Response Vehicle Headlight Flashers
    JDM Halo Angel Eyes style Headlights
    Smoked LED Tail Lights

    Power Supply System (DC-DC)
    Still looking <---HINT!

    CPU System MainBoard:
    Evalue 1719

    Operating system:
    Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2

    Front End:
    I have elected to use Centrafuse as a front end due to look and feel as well as features, expandability but most importantly the flagship support and flexability provided from its development/design team. I give those guys mad props!!!

    Wireless Radio Communications:
    Wifi: Orinoco Gold Proxim Combo card 802.11 a/b/g

    Delorme Earthmate LT-21USB reciever

    By the way I am looking for any sponsors for my project. If you are seriously interested I will seriously promote your product. (well actually me and my entire car club) just email me [email protected]

    E.M.E Pres.

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    This Build Ended (My Car was stolen February from my residence and stripped)