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2001 Stratus R/T - Lilly

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  • 2001 Stratus R/T - Lilly

    This is something I wanted to do for a long time but never really got around to it. After I got my Stratus earlier this year I started doing some research again, and finally this past month I got to work.

    My fiance suggested I name it Lilly, which naturally she got from the screen name.


    Screen: Lilliput EBY-701
    CPU/RAM: EPIA EN15000 and 1 GB DDR2 RAM
    PSU: Opus 90W
    Storage: 80 GB HD SATA
    WiFi: NetGear WG111 V2 - Sucks!
    GPS: GPS BU-353
    Radio: Silabs


    Road Runner using DFX 2.5 skin
    iGuidance 4 for GPS
    Winamp 5.13


    I attached the motherboard to a 18 cm x 18 cm acrylic piece would developed into its casing.

    Here you'll notice I have a fan at around a 45 degree angle blowing air inward. This is directing the air to the area that the Northbridge chip is. I noticed that the temperature can reach 55C when running full load and then the system just craps out until it cools down. The CPU temp is always below 45C. The fan really does help, it keeps the Northbridge temp below 45 now. At some point I may remove the heatsink and apply some better thermal compound.

    Here you can see I have the carputer case in backwards, with all the connectors facing out. I thought it would be easier to work like this but the USB plugs were a little too long and my screen wouldn't fit into the dash, so I turned it around.

    That blue/white wire is a reset switch, just in case. I may add a secondary power switch in the future.

    Here's a spare USB port. The circuit board you see is the PSU which I mounted underneath my console. It's connected to the motherboard via 3 ATX power extension cables. I think the total length is 23 inches.

    I have the GPS antenna, WiFi adapter, and Radio running to the rear of the car connected by 10 foot USB extension cables. Out of sight, but working very good (GPS/radio anyway). I know the wiring looks atrocious behind the monitor, but there's actually no his or hum through the speakers. I was surprised.

    I found an eclipse bezel that is almost the right size to replace my stock one with. I'll need to do a little trimming for the screen to fit. Once I do that I'll take some more pictures. The step after that is to then mold the front bezel of the LCD screen to the radio bezel itself.

    I also have a slim line slot load DVD player but I'm not sure where I'm going to mount it. I may hang it above the change tray.

    Lastly, this WG111v2 WiFi adapter from Netgear is horrible. I read a good review of it on CNet but failed to read user reviews. It has virtually no range and constantly drops connection and waits horribly long to reconnect. It's gotta go.

    I'd say I'm about 75% there. Still need the bezel to be installed, then fabbing, DVD player too. I'm thinking of some kind of remote control and maybe a volume knob. The 6 channel audio works well too. I just need to buy after market rear speakers and run them to my JL amp. They're being powered by the factory amp right now and there's no gain setting so its horribly low. I can make the front scream but it wouldn't sound right with a front/rear in balance. I'm pleased so far. My fiance is happy too because I'm done most of the major work. She said I loved my computer more than her this past month and was ignoring her.

    Comments appreciated!

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    Looks like you are well on your way. Let us know what wireless solution you end up with.