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athlon 3600+ in a ford taurus

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  • athlon 3600+ in a ford taurus

    im probably getting a bit ahead of myself here in posting up, but im finally getting very close to a final product.
    it all started 2 years ago in my POS honda accord (and when this site wasn't so fancy) that i put my mini computer into because i head no deck, i then moved onto my taurus and the computer got put aside for a bit because it had a deck and i went amp/sub/speaker crazy. then i finally decided i needed a processor and they are mad money for a good one so back to the computer it was (epia m10000)

    unfortunately the 1Ghz proc could not cope with the task of processing with my m-audio 1010. darn this didn't' make me happy, it's not like it was worth much anymore so their was no point in selling it so i turned it into my homes server/download comp.

    i went looking into mini boards again but of course it was expensive for what i wanted ($500) and it was still only going to be OK. Also Pro Street just came out and i usually upgrade my comp for each NFS title i currently cant process, so update my main comp i did and the spares went into my car

    finally what has ended up in my car:
    proc: athlon 3600+
    mobo: asus K8V-MX
    hard drive: 80GB toshiba
    PSU: M2-ATX
    GPS: Holux
    audio: m-audio delta 1010

    so now im just in hunt of a monitor and probably another m1 or m2 PSU because i don't like the potential load on this one alone, although so far has run 100% in my house.

    and thank you to all who have put up with some of my stupid posts and have helped me, the answers to my psu strapping were very helpfull.

    audio in the car
    amps: zapco 360.4 and fosgate p400.2 (for now theirs a few local amps i want but have no money )
    speakers: Alpine 6 3/4 type R component and kenwood in the rear
    subs: 2 10" kappa perfects in custom sealed fiberglass


    an overview of my testbed, custom PSU with 10awg power/gnd and the 1010 ont he floor

    close up of the new computer, the CPU fan blows OUT, so far so good on that

    the old car computer (epia m10000) running as my always on download computer. the drives are a 6GB and 20GB drive from who knows how long ago.

    my beasty car, i like it other make fun, they will hide when the SHO engine goes in; im waiting for spring/summer and of course parts/money, the engine hides in my garage.

    my custom trunk, hiding behind the shrouds are to 10" perfects in my custom box, i have yet to figure out how to rebuild the trunk interior, i dropped the floor 3" to better fit my BMX bikes. i also swapped the interior out for the black one from my SHO, the seats are the best.

    a really bad current pic of the trunk, yay zapco!! i cant wait for the 1100.1

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    Nice, I'm lovin the wagon! Can't wait to see it mounted, I've always thought the 2nd gen Taurus has the perfect dash opening for a screen, but haven't seen one done yet. I had an 01 Taurus that I fabbed a computer into, I loved it. I've got an 04 now that I need to fab my AVIC Z2 navigation into since there's no double din kits for it. I'd go with a carputer but this Nav is left over from my 07 Civic Si I just got rid of and I love it too much to sell it.

    Keep it up! Good luck if you undertake the swap, it's been done a few times and once that I know of in a wagon. Are you a member of the TCCA?


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      wow..a definite sleeper, whether it be speed or ice..cant wait to see the finished thing!


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        thanks, the double din opening would of worked perfectly no fabbing for a smaller screen but i went a bit overboard and got a 10.4 so a whole bunch of cutting ensued. after nearly destroying my monitor i did finally get it in and its working now i have decided to just get it in there working for now and i will finish off making it pretty later, i really need to stop not doing my schoolwork .

        i had to relocate to head unit to where the cig lighter was and it fits perfectly, i had to cut a few things but nothing majour, the deck you see their is sweet but its going because i don't need one so good anymore, im 'downgrading' to my pioneer which has way better FM reception and thats basically all im going to use the deck for until i get some sort of PC FM tuner and then i will be headunit-less!

        surprisingly it 'boots' pretty quick, i have it set to hibernate itself, so by time i get in and comfortable and my seatbelt on its booted and ready to go.

        the only thing im not happy with is i can't find a front end i like and i currently lack the programing skills to make what i would like in girder/netremote.

        anyway pics:
        the trunk:

        so a general whats what of my trunk, and yes i really do use my car, so everything has to be durable.

        1st pic of hidden noisemakers:

        i have a zapco 1100.1 on its way so the fosgate is going, now i have a question though, how much will UPS screw me in duties vs. USPS? the amp is coming from cali and im in toronto, he wants to ship UPS but i want USPS, is UPS really that bad? its from a person and not a store if that makes a difference.

        pic 2, so you can see the delta 1010 :

        of course my wiring isn't all done yet cause i don't have all my amps, im waiting on the 1100.1 and searching for a 350.2 or something similar, then i will begin to focus on the engine

        the ones you've been wating for! screen!!!

        i got the 10.4" samsung one that has the big long thread in the forums, i must say so far so good, however the viewing angle is a bit poor.

        i can see where im going!:

        im using iguidance, id prefer google earth but it needs the internet

        and now the secondary reason i got the carputer, processing:

        im using console, and electri-q (the free one) as well as a few of the voxengo ones, i really like the harmoni-q, its sooo sweet, i havent found a time delay i really like yet, the voxengo one i either don't know how to use right or i just don't like it.

        i can also entertain myself in traffic:

        i just need to figure out how to mute the video and have winamp playing, unfortunately hitting mute in media player and play in winamp doesn't work

        Thats it!!! for now.....
        amps ....
        engine ....


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          Nice job!

          The funny thing is that the computer is probably worth more than the car...

          Believe me... I know... I unfortunately have a '93 Mercury Sable (same car)

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