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My 92 Subaru Liberty (legacy)

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  • My 92 Subaru Liberty (legacy)

    Hey Guys, thought i might finally post up my never ending project. the car in question is my 92 Subaru Liberty GX AWD. it all started just under 3 years ago when i bought the car when i was 17 and i decided to install a new stereo in it.

    the car
    I bought this in april 2005, since i have had the car it has had a complete respray in factory silver, i have installed whiteline low springs in it. 2.25" cat back exhaust, whiteline sway bar and strut brace, home made anti-lift kit, and '98 wrx rims. that is a manual awd so still allows me to have some fun on twisty roads.

    The carpc
    the main components are:
    mini-itx via c7 1.5ghz based mobo.
    1gig ddr2
    120gig WD 2.5" sata hard drive
    bu-353 gps dongle
    belkin pci wireless card with +7dbi antenna on 2m lead.

    (excuse the picture, i was still learning how to use the camera on my phone)
    as you can see the wireless card did not want to cooperate with me in fitting inside the case, well after a bit of sanding of the card to make it fit a bit deeper inthe the pci slot on the motherboard, and a bit of re-engineering the pci slot on the motherboard, and a bit of retro fitting the rear of the carpc case the wireless card now works wonders.

    The Screen.
    One of the hardest parts of this project was getting the screen to fit in the dash of the car and look almost factory (but better :P). this involved alot of grinding, cutting, hacking, swearing, blood and the odd bit of luck.

    the screen dummied up behind the dash facia

    and then finally mounted in the car

    i think that turned out pretty well. unfortunately if i ever want to put a normal cd player back in there i basically need a whole new lower part of the dash as i hacked a crap load of plastic out of it it. :P

    The Sound equipment
    well part of the ongoing project and the need for music in my car llead me to start this before the installation of the carpc. it consists of 2 amps, a 2channel jaycar amp bridged into single channel pumping out approx 500wrms into my little 10" sub, which is in a box i created and designed which runs 2x ports and is tuned for approx 40hz. the other amp runs my front speakers which for the time being are just a pair of 2way eclipse point source series 6.5" speakers. the front doors are completely sound deadened with trunk kit worth of dynamat . the speakers will get upgraded eventually when i have some more money.

    and dont worry about the lack of a top on the amp rack, there is one there now but it wasnt finished when that pic was taken.

    currently the carpc is velcro'd to the floor of the boot untill i get round to finishing its mount behind the amps. there are also cables running everywhere.

    Future Plans
    include mounting the carpc in its proper home behind the amps and hiding all the associated cabling for it.

    mounting the gps reciever up on the rear parcel tray.

    mounting the wireless antenna in a fake rubber radio antenna in the factory aerial location.

    install bluetooth adapter and run a microphone up the front for wireless handsfree for my phone.

    work out somewhere logical to hide the keyboard that is not on the floor or seat in the back of the car.

    new bigger more smoother looking fibreglass sub box (ported of course)

    fix up a couple of little imperfections in the amp rack that only i notice.

    The carpc project has been going on now for over 2 years since i first had the crazy thought one night that installing a computer in my car would be cool. all my friends said i was crazy and to this day most of them still think i am crazy but also think the carpc is a genius idea now that it is working. unfortunately the carpc project is a very slow and on going one since i can only work on it when im not studing, since im at uni studing full time that leaves very little time, and also only when money permits which at the moment is also very little since i quit my old job a month ago and havent got a new one yet.

    ill update this thread when i get round to doing more things to the car and carpc