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My project has started: all in one for VW T4

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  • My project has started: all in one for VW T4

    This weekend the first real steps on the road to an all-in-one system in my car, a VW T4 caravelle TDI from 1996, have been taken.......

    1) LCD display ordered. price: 161,00 incl Shipping
    7 Digital Toshiba TFT LCD with Touchscreen-function
    Resolutions: 2400x480, 1024x768, 800x600, 640x480
    Format: 16:9
    Contrast: 250:1
    Vieuw angle: 150 deg.
    Illumination: 350 cd/m
    Automatic PAL/NTSC switch
    Power: DC 11,5V-13V (800mA)
    workingtemperatuur: von -20C bis +60C
    Reactiontime: <25ms
    2 Video-in
    1 Audio-in
    1 VGA-in
    1 USB-in (for the touchscreen-function)
    Touchscreen function for the PC and for the On-Screen-Menu
    build in speaker with amplifier
    connection to rearview camera possible
    Measures in cm: 12 x 18 x 2,5 (H x W x D)

    2) USB GPS receiver Ordered price: 35,91 incl shipping
    Actualising times
    Hot Start ca. 1sec
    Warm Start ca.36sec
    Cold Start ca. 39sec

    Dyn. height max 18km
    Dyn. speed 515m/sek
    Acceleration 4G max

    Technical data
    Chipset: MTK 32 chanel
    Chanels: 32
    Receiver L1, C/A Code
    Weight ca. 56g
    Measures 55.0 x 37x 16.5 mm
    storagetemperature -20C to +70C
    usagetemperaturer -20C to +60C
    Humidity 5% to 95%, not condensing

    NMEA Protocol: NMEA 0183 V3.1
    NMEA Format: GGA, GLL, GSA, GSV, RMC, und VTG
    NMEA entrance NMEA; Height; Position, Date & time; choice exitformat/Baudrate
    Baud Rate 9600K as default setting

    3) Radiomodule ordered price 148,25 incl Shipping and antennacable
    The well known module on this Forum I guess....
    USB controlled radio module
    FM en AM met RDS functie,
    connection for carkit en voor navigatie (Both with their own mute-connection)
    works with met RR en CTF and more?

    4)OBD usb interface ordered price: 19,26 incl shipping

    I will connect this interface to the OBD2-system parallel to the factoryconnector on the dash. This way VW-shop can still acces my car through the original connector on the dash.
    IF I can get OBD functionality in RR or CTF, nice, if not not too bad, the main idea is allway having your diagnostic equipement with you... (I use VAGcom for my VW-diagnostics)

    Found at home in the "not using anymore-corner":

    ASUS TUSL2-C rev.1.04 Motherboard, with mounted on that, (if I remember correctly) a Intel P3 processor.

    256MB PC133 memmorycard

    ASUS V7100PRO/T/P/32M/SD/U videocard

    Creative Labs CT4810 soundcard.

    Maxtor Diamondmax plus8 40GB harddisk 3,5"

    Yet to buy / get:

    DVD player

    W-LAN-Card (for updates, MP3 uploads form my home-pc (car is on the driveway 5 meters from my PC)


    (small)materials for connecting and finishing the installation.

    software for controll and navigation (maps for europe)

    Perhaps a dashboardpanel for the T4 so it can be restored to original status when it's sold without the carpc.

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    Last week the LCD screen, the OBD-interface and the GPS-receiver arrived.... I guess the radio module will arrive early next week....

    Today I had a little time to spare.....

    At home I found an amplifier which I used in one of my previous cars...

    sound form the line out of the soundcard to the line in of the amplifier..........

    4 x 90 watt.... seems enough to me...

    Slightly demolished an old computercasing....

    The striped part is the part I removed to use as a basis for the new casing.
    The blue dots were rivets I drilled out, the green line is the place I smashed the electric jigsaw throug...

    This is the piece I took from the original casing, at the blue dots I mounted it with small screws to an equal-sized piece of plywood. The top of the casing will be screwed to this plywood-bottom.

    Motherboard mounted and sound- and VGA-card installed....

    During the first boot I could look what processor is mounted on this motherboard.
    I remembered correctly: An Intel P3 1,2GHz

    Now we can start with testing the software configuration.....