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97 Dodge Ram "RAMPUTER"

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  • 97 Dodge Ram "RAMPUTER"

    Ok well here is my worklog for my 97 Dodge Ram 1500. This whole project started for me in May 07. I was always toying with the idea of putting a computer
    in car/truck for awhile. Well one day I am on my way to go play some golf, jump in friends Mercury Mountaineer, see his GPS/Radio setup and well I ended up here.
    I remember thinking "it would be nice if you could do this or how about if it did this" and that is when I knew the "RAMPUTER" needed to be built. So this is
    what I got so far:


    Monitor: TM-868 8"
    Case: Center truck console
    Power Supply: M2-ATX
    Motherboard:Gigabyte GA-K8N51GMF NV 6100
    Processor: TURION 64 ML-28
    Memory: 512 DDR
    Hard Drive: 160Gb 3.5" SATA
    Sound: ON board sound (Looking into getting new sound card)
    Optical Drive: Nothing currently
    Bluetooth: HP bt450 USB
    Keyboard: Mini Keyboard for PS2(Need to find name)
    Wireless: ENCORE ENUWI-G2 802.11G Wireless Adapter
    Radio: VISTEON HDZ300 HD RADIO (Not Installed yet)


    OS: Windows XP Pro
    Front End: Road Runner
    Skin: Digital FX 2.5
    GPS Software: IGuidance
    Phone Software: FreeFone?(not working atm)

    Sound System:

    AMP 1:Kicker ZX350.4 60x4
    AMP 2:Fultron 100x100
    Front Speakers: 5 1/4 alpines (need to find model)
    Rear Speakers: 5 1/4 eclipses (need to find model)
    Sub: MTX 10" Thunder 4000


    1. acquire parts (+++++++...) 70%
    2. Install (++++++++..) 80%
    3. Frontend setup (++++++....) 60%
    4. Tune Audio (++++......) 40%

    Also I would like to thank: ( Thanks for all the info. This site is amazing)
    Guino (RR rocks )
    JohnWPB (Digital FX 2.5 is awesome can't wait for 3.0)

    Pics to come just wanted to get something out there for now.

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    My 97 Ram

    The Ramputer sits inside my center console

    In my truck the console had a black tray for holding cds/change and what not. A friend of mine cut away the center part and pulled the foam padding that was below so I could use the console as my case. You can also see that he reframed the inside with some MDF.

    He also cut up an old computer case I had around and used to finish the rear of the console

    Here is a pic of after I put the computer together. Its hard to tell from picture but most of the top plastic tray is still there. I still have spots in the front of console for change and other stuff. Thinking of using space for CD/DVD player or maybe some switches that I want to put in.

    My 2 amps that are mounted under the rear seat. Wires are a mess but I want to wait until I have everything kinda in place then I am gona go through and run wires nice.

    This isn't from my truck because I started cutting before I took some pics. But this is what dash looks like on a 97 Ram.

    Here I had to cut away some of the plastic behind so I could get screen in.

    I removed a center plastic strip so I could fit my screen in the opening. I lost my ash try and cig lighter but I still have another cig lighter so all is good.

    And here is a picture of my screen ... still needs alot of work on molding it in but I will probably work on that when it gets warmer out.

    So thats where I stand so far. I still have some parts to get and software things to work on but man its great to have some tunes back in my truck.


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      hi how did you remove the radio and the plate around it ?