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2000 Impala - (This is getting to be expensive

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  • 2000 Impala - (This is getting to be expensive

    8-5-2009 UPDATE:
    If you wanna see how not to do a car project then you can look at the first page of pictures but if you wanna see a better way than the first page then go ahead.
    I can say that as you can see I was extremely frustrated about this project. I should be done within the next two weeks which is approximately 8-19-09. I've been saying that for the last 2 months. But I mean it this time. I've been using everything that my car already has to make this work instead of trying to build and sand and prime and all that crap.

    If you are a newbie my best advice:
    1. Don't cut unless you [U]really[U] know what you are doing.
    2. get you something to practice on.
    3. ask lots and lots of questions and utilizing the searches. I know I like to have my questions to be answered in a certain way and if it doesn't suit me I will ask again.
    4. Try not to be too cheap like me. I'm still cheap so I can't talk.
    5. Figure out ways to use "what you've got to get what you want" - Player's Club

    I'm so mad at this fabrication stuff that my nerves have gone bad.
    My car battery died during my frustrating process.
    I've gotta finish this later...
    I stupidly bought the wrong bondo. Not entirely wrong just not the one I needed first. After my third bezel attempt I realized it wasnt gonna work. I now have bondo hair and am still making my dash. Its the pic with the lcd in a plastic bag.
    UPDATE: Fabrication isn't as bad as it seems. (Hoover) Dam bondo, its so messy. I use flexible bumper stuff. This project entails the moving of a few things around so that I can put a radio and switches in a place that wasnt meant to be modded. Since the initial post I have purchased all new parts. Had 2 motherboards fry. 2 new girlfriends. A one night stand and a partridge in a pear tree. I will finish this 2 year project this month.
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    "You know what I mean? But at the end of the day, it is what it is." - The most articulate thing someone could say.

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    if at first you dont succeed try try agian

    just take your time man you will get it


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      Ok so here is the update... I've got some good news and some bad news. MY SCREEN GOT SCRATCHED so I'm kinda *****in. I dont really wanna spend the fifty to get another plastic touch panel but its all good it's not deep and it wont be that noticeable while the screen is in use. whatever. I took it out of the mold last night. Please dont call me a dummy for having it in their in the first place. MORE BAD NEWS. As you can see I have the bondo-hair plastic mold in there and its hard as a rock which is good BUT it cracked on both sides as I was trying to remove the screen BUT the good news is that I will Epoxy glue it back into place, drill holes on throught the sides of the dash and put bondo-hair on both sides to create a paneled layer effect and that should definitely have that bad boy in there.

      How the heck do I sand this thing down. I have all the sandpaper in the world but it takes forever to get anything going. How am I supposed to make it look all factory and thing if it takes 20 minutes to grind a corner? Other than that its going ok. I am in school so I cant devote enough time to finishing it as I would like. So I will try to give it like a half an hr a day. Once I get home tonite I will stop by home depot and get that epoxy glue to glue the piece back in and then bondo on top to clean it up. OH and I find it so much easier to use latex gloves and your finger to get the project going. Using Popsicle sticks just isn't cutting it. I've been back and forth to home depot. This project is getting on my nerves.

      I dont really have one. I have a screen, EBY701.
      I have a laptop that I will be using for the project but it doesnt have a harddrive. I have another laptop that I use to get the setup started with roadrunner, Iguidance and soon to get the bluetooth phone stuff.
      "You know what I mean? But at the end of the day, it is what it is." - The most articulate thing someone could say.


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        Bondo is pretty tough/hard/inflexible from what I hear. Have you tried something like Dynotron bumper repair kit? It hardens to the consistency of plastic and flexes like plastic so it is less likely to crack/etc.
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          I am now content with bondo hair. I bought a drill today and some sanding attachments so once this drill charges up I will give it a go. Since it is a drill I would assume that it would sand way faster than my hand. I've wasted about 30 in sanding products. But its all good. Tommorow when I get off of work I'm gonna try to and one last (hopefully) layer of bondo to fill in the holes in my setup. I drilled holes in my last setup so lets see what happens tommorow.
          "You know what I mean? But at the end of the day, it is what it is." - The most articulate thing someone could say.


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            More frustration whole day wasted

            Should i quit and just pay somebody? my battery died . My wood assembly broke , i mean i like sat on it when I was with my lady friend in the back seat trying to see how roomy impalas are. Then i ran out of tools. my new jigsaw broke. so I am back at square one. Oh and my 2 and yes 2 laptops broke . So that motherboard you see is the new Compaq Evo that I will be building a box for to see in the corner of my trunk. Any suggestions? Tutor me!!! I screwed the screen back in without all that plastic crap. Its just wood and a screen and then hopefully i will mold all around and then I can get to constructing the wood case for the comp. I have hinges and stuff and Paint so it should come out pretty nice.
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            "You know what I mean? But at the end of the day, it is what it is." - The most articulate thing someone could say.


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              I borrowed my roommates digital camera

              i got my hands on my roommates digital camera.
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              "You know what I mean? But at the end of the day, it is what it is." - The most articulate thing someone could say.


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                As you can see I have some wonderful plans for taking that board there and building a case. The case is going to made out of some wood I got from home depot. I am debating whether I am going to cut out the middle to put plexiglass and color fans and all that junk. I have yet to buy the m2-atx for my compaq evo motherboard. I dont even know if its compatible but i do know its a p4 and they say that works. Once i get that I will begin construction. Can someone please tell me what I can use to mold this dashboard closed so that I can have the screen mounted in shut. In the pictures you can see I pushed everything to where I would hopefully like to mount them. an IDE drive in the glove box would be nice. You see my rikaline gps reciever. I have been able to test all these things out and I will take pics of them. I like taking pictures obviously. I have questions , if you look in my pics you see me holding a rectangular box, this is the pxgm24 it allows me an auxillary port for my stock radio which is not so great. Once I start using that It will give me two auxillary hookups. It also functions as a acc wire for any peripherals that I might have at the touch of a button on my steering wheel but I am afraid that with that one touch of a button it will be cuttin of my stuff by accident too much. In one of the pics i hold a wire that has lots of wires on it. That is me pulling the rug back to expose the wires that lead to my lights in the back as well as the thing next to my thumb which is the power to my cd changer (that i dont have) Could this power my computer? who knows?
                I will be mounting a keyhole camera once the ball gets rolling.
                I would like to wire a switch to cut on my radar detector. In that area where you see my cigarrette lighter I would like to cut into that and extend it to where the overhead compas thing in the impala and put my radar there to be controlled by switch. where the cigarrete thing is I would like to build a little control panel. THat other switch you see me holding in the pictures is to that powered subwoofer you see back there. I would like to control that too. because that is a potentiometer not an on off . Impalas are funny about the acc power. it turns on as soon as i hit the alarm and it turns of 25 sec after I arm it. So it drains real nice. So valet switches for all my peripherals would be nice. And plus when I am in the hood . I dont need unnecessary lights. oh and how do you mount a cam in the keyhole and key the wires out of the way. Do you drill?
                "You know what I mean? But at the end of the day, it is what it is." - The most articulate thing someone could say.


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                  ... dont cut anymore on the car until you know what look you want. you cant build a skyscraper by hacking at stuff and sticking things together. what i'm saying is you need more planning. learn more about different types of builds. look at other Impalas get ideals. info is what you need otherwise your looking at a better chance of double spending. you also need to clean the chevy up a pc need room to breathe. hope that helps, at least put you on the right track.
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                    I made some progress but not anything worth talking about

                    I'm sorry I didnt see your message for like a million months. thanks for asking though. The impala carputer has not gone anywhere in months. I have been having a series of unfortunate electronic events happen to me. I will show you what I have so far. Since then I have bought a digital camera.

                    I am at work for a couple of hours and so I can tell you what is what for now. Basically what I have done is attempted some wiring with the car but I need a do over because I went ahead and bought the ampie car case. That motherboard died so then I had to get a new one. so I had the whole thing wired and I had to go home to philly so I was gonna give it a dry run. It died on the way back. The ampie case runs it hotter than I would like.
                    Then the day before yesterday my laptop fell on the floor on the floor and the screen broke. So long as there is no damage to the motherboard and hard drive I will use it as my car pc. I have to go home and test it.
                    In terms of the screen placement, all of that is in place molded in, and sanded down. I probably might put another layer in there. The downside was that I messed the sockets where the buttons go so I have to sand the holes until the buttons fit or just cover them and use the remote. Other than that I bought a new radio that has aux inputs. People were saying that I shouldnt have but as you can see I make incremental changes to my system therefore I'd have to be without a radio until my system was fully fucntional

                    Right now I am trying to purchase wire to connect the battery to the m2-atx. I need more info as to should I have something like an inline fuse or whatever. Now that I am using a laptop I dont know if I even need an m2atx or not. but We'll see. I'll post an update once I get the necessary info.
                    "You know what I mean? But at the end of the day, it is what it is." - The most articulate thing someone could say.


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                      Working everyday on the project

                      I have the m2-atx with the voom pc case that came with bogus screws so I went to home depot to replace them. Here are a few pics that I took from my camera phone . Not like the ones from before because this is 2.0megapixels not like my old one (1.2) . I ended up canning this idea because I got a bezel for the double din impala to glue it into, I just didnt wanna waste the pics. so I dremeled the piece i have for the lilliput. Its smaller. I sanded it, primed it, and painted it. When I get home from work I will glue it into the bezel.I will cut a piece of acrylic to be a second backing inside to hold the inverter and all that. stay tuned. Oh and the car is much cleaner now.
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                      "You know what I mean? But at the end of the day, it is what it is." - The most articulate thing someone could say.


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                        bondo gets crappier by the year it seems.. when i first started this the quality was excellent but now its almost guaranteed to crack. I would try alternate brands. I Believe Nexson is the person that could recommend higher quality stuff.
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                          Wrap it up!
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                            New camera old pictures.

                            I'm not gonna let these pictures from my earlier attempts go to waste. maybe somebody can gain something from my experience.
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                              Here are pictures of the most recent attempt

                              Here is the third mobo. my m2-atx and all that stuff. I cut out the screen holding part of the lilliput to put it in a Metra double din bezel.

                              Update: I'm using plexiglass to hold the inverter and all that stuff. I'm going back to the depot tomorrow to get more nuts and bolts to make it work right.
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                              "You know what I mean? But at the end of the day, it is what it is." - The most articulate thing someone could say.