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Sonicxtacy02's Acura RSX Install

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  • Sonicxtacy02's Acura RSX Install

    As the siggy says ... heeeere we go again! On the spur of the moment i decided to sell the accord and pick up a NICE little 03 Acura RSX. I had the car for all of 2 days before i started pulling the interior apart to prepare for my PC installation!

    Here's some pics of the day 1 work which consisted of data wire installation.

    factory headunit. Its GOTTA go! This car has the perfect dash layout for a 7" lilli and thats where its goin.

    First thing i did was run the wires for xm and gps to the roof underneath the roof liner. I've put my bu-353 on the roof of my last 3 cars and its still goin strong. I will be adding a sunroof visor to tuck those behind shortly. Both wires were run down the right A-pillar and to the back.

    Here's my lovely bundle for the XM/HDRadio features. I believe i'll be tucking it behind the lilli

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    Here's a progress pic after getting all my front usb cables (for gps, lilliput, front external powered hub) tucked underneath the carpet and under the rear seat to the trunk where the computer will be.

    I'm doing my best to keep data and power lines seperate.. something i've never done before and probably paid for it with all the various noise issues i've had. So usb, data, and rca's will be routed thru the right side of the car while all power lines will be run on the left.

    that little black nut is the ONLY thing i needed a tool for to take this car apart. its the bolt that holds the rear seat bottom to the frame. I LIKE the fact its easy to take apart but i wonder how all the various clips will hold up over time.

    the last thing i did on day 1 was explore how i'm gonna put things in the trunk. The car is a hatchback and it leaves plenty of install options. I think i'll do whats pictured, sub on the left of the trunk. Now for the computer i've got two options.. the easy option being just put it beside the sub box and call it a day. The second option would will probably require a ton more work would be mount it under the floor. There's a foam board under there that serves as sound insulation for the spare... and i was thinking of cutting a square in the foam and recessing the tiny case in there. I dunno how im gonna handle it but i gotta decide soon cause the car meet is next saturday! Thats pretty much all i got done on day one. My screen bezel should be here tomorrow so i'll start the bondo process then. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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