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2001 Crown Victoria CVPI

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  • 2001 Crown Victoria CVPI

    Here is my car:

    And here are things that will arrive at my house in the next week.


    4 Channel Amp

    Front Speakers

    Rear Speakers

    DC-DC Power Supply

    And this is the PC I built for my car.

    Mirco ATX
    1.8Ghz Processor
    1Gb Ram
    120 Gb HDD

    And I just installed a car alarm/remote start/keyless entry kit today. It cost around $500 and has more features than a Hungarian Waffle Maker.
    For security reasons I will not be posting images/specs on the alarm. I have added a few custom "things" onto the alarm as well.

    More to come in the future...

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    Nice case for the carputer. I'm also thinking of an m4-atx to power my micro atx system
    Fox Mulder
    2004 Toyota MR2
    Modified Intel Xeon E5450 3Ghz Quad Core 2GB RAM 160GB SSD M4ATX Xenarc 700TSV TS Toslink Audio BU353 DiNovo Mini Car2PC ODBII Bluetooth HF 16x2 Character LCD


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      Things I have bought today.

      A GPS reciever

      IDmax 10" Subwoofer

      I cannot wait to hear the sound quality from this baby.

      T10001bd amp to power the sub

      500GB hard drive to store my music/videos

      1 roll RaamMat Sound deadening (this stuff is the ****)

      4 yards of Ensolite foam (also..the ****)

      All I need now is the wood and wires and I will have everything I need to start my project.
      I am scheduled to take time off work around May 17th. Coincidently this is when I will also be getting my "economic stimulus" check.

      1 month to wait. Arg, this stuff is going to be burning a hole in my floor lol.


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        Designed my box today.

        I am going for a sealed enclosure.

        This is why:

        I listen to a lot of different stuff. Ported boxes are really only good for rap/test tones.

        Notice as the blue line (ported) gets to the lower frequencies, the output goes

        This causes certain notes in songs to be louder than others..when they weren't intended to be.

        Example song: [media][/media]

        The first two bass notes will sound very weak, then the second two notes will rattle your entire car.
        (I know from experience)

        Not what I desire.

        With a sealed enclosure, all the notes will be close to the same output (black line). Just way better sound quality overall.


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          Are there any updates on this install? I have an '03 CVPI, and am trying to find in-dash LCD installs and I'm having no luck...

          The stock stereo location/hole in these cars is perfect for an LCD install. I'm just a little hesistant attempting to fiberglass in the LCD, as the stereo bezel is part of a much larger dash piece, and I wouldn't want to screw up and have to replace the larger piece (which includes the area around the gauges, headlight switch, etc..).

          if you have any pics of your LCD installation, that'd be awesome...

          Thanks, and good luck!


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            going into my car to look for that nin song now and will be subscribing to see this all done
            MY build...a walk thru, finally getting to it


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              Just an FYI, I'm doing my 03 Mercury Marauder right now. I've got the Lilliput 629 transflective mounted to the mechatroniks frame and am modifying the double-din opening for it. It's just a shade too tall and not as wide as the factory radio.

              How did the sub enclosure work out for you? I've got an Alpine Type-R 10" for my system and like the idea of the sealed enclosure but not sure I have enough room under the package tray.

              When I get it all mounted on the 9th I will share the pictures.

              Action figures sold separately


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                Do you have pics of the final project?


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                  I should have pictures sometime today.
                  Action figures sold separately