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2008 Volkswagen Jetta SLE + Apple Mac Mini

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  • 2008 Volkswagen Jetta SLE + Apple Mac Mini

    and thus it begins....

    Apple is to the computer world that VW is to the car world. So it only makes sense to bring two of the biggest fanboi companies together to create my next project. This will be a multifaceted project which I will take you ( along with me, we will start at the design phase then on to gather the materials and finally the build. I hope this to be a "how-to" of sorts and a learning experience others can take from. Below is what I have in mind to begin with.

    The Victim:
    (Pictures Coming Soon)
    - A 2008 Silver Volkswagen Jetta SLE 2.5L

    The Suspects:
    (Again Pictures Coming Soon)
    - Mac Mini: 1.66 DC, 1GB RAM, 60GB HD
    - MACESSITY - Hang With Mi
    - Carnetix P1900
    - Carnetix PnP Mac Mini Cable "MacPac"
    - 3 x 1 (TBD) DVI Splitter
    - 2 (TBD) Headrest Monitors
    - 1 (TBD) Portable touchscreen monitor
    - 1 (TBD) Audio Solution

    The Plan:
    Heres my idea, I am planning on hanging the Mac Mini under one of the front car seatsusing the Macessity "Hang with Mi". More than likely the passenger side car seat. From the Mac Mini I will run a DVI cable to a 3 x 1 splitter. From the splitter a cable will be ran to each of the monitors (2 in the head rest, 1 for center console touchscreen). The touchscreen monitor, I hope will be rigged up to "pop" in and out of the center console for controlling the mac mini and viewing.

    I will have the monitors installed by a local custom shop.

    I have a few holes in the plan with all the TBD items floating about and thats where I need some help from all of you. Ideas, suggestions and comments are always welcome.

    Thanks for looking at what I perceive as being the start of a great project.


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    Step 1 - Ringing up the Suspects:
    After doing some research and asking the fellow forum members here is what I have come up with so far. I still have a few items to plan out but other then that the project is in its gathering stage.

    - Mac Mini
    Core Duo 1.66GHz
    1024MB DDR2-667
    60GB SATA
    Airport - Bluetooth

    - Lilliput 629GL-70NP

    - Apple DVI to RGB
    - Apple DVI to S Video / Composite

    - Cables Unlimited Premium DVI Splitter

    To Purchase:
    - 2 Head Rest Monitors - Not sure what these should be.. Connected via S Video or Composite.
    - Power cables from battery back needed
    - Carnetix 1900 PSU
    - Mount Solution for Touchscreen.

    So here is where I am currently. The last item on the list is to figure out how and where I am going to mount the monitor.


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      Nice! I have a MBP and a Mac Mini, and am getting an Air. The Mini is hooked up to a KVM with my PC which will be replaced by the MBP. So the Mini is heading off to my Honda CRV.

      I'm a tech but a CarPC noobie, so I am really interested to see how yours and other's Mac Cars go.

      You have given me some direction on part selection. As I start to gain more steam, I will post a worklog (juggling too many at the moment). Hopefully I can get things going within a month or two.

      I looked at project boxes to store the Mini between my bucket seats, but there is nothing elegant I can find. Furthermore, I have a Lacie underneath, so the Macessity might be difficult, but hopefully i will figure out a mod for it.

      With Core2Duos being so cheap, and ddr2 hitting rock bottom prices, upgrading your Mini wouldn't be bad. I put a t5600 (C2D 1.86 GHz) and 2gb of ram in my Mini, and it makes a world of difference.

      Good luck on your endeavor man. :subscribed:


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        Thanks! Glad someone is following along makes the build that much more fun to write about.

        Last night I popped the screen open and hooked it up to my laptop to test it out and I must say the screen is very nice and precise. I have one dead pixel but its hardly noticeable and wont be with moving pictures on the screen so I am not to worried about it.

        The next big step is where to mount the bad boy. I am not shy of getting custom plastic parts molded or doing some work on a metal frame, its just I want it to appear stock and do not want to remove my HU.

        Going to get the headrests installed this weekend so pictures of that and all the other stuff will happen after work today.


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          Originally posted by Clownzer View Post

          I am not shy of getting custom plastic parts molded or doing some work on a metal frame, its just I want it to appear stock and do not want to remove my HU.
          Why don't you look into some Carbon Fiber. I would see if Dragon Plate could do some custom fab for you.

          So everything is coming together. Decied on most parts, and in the planning phase.

          Black 2005 Honda CRV with custom black leather interior

          Mac Mini - C2D t5600/2gb ram/160gb HD/ with 250gb External Lacie.
          Logtiech diNovo Mini will be my keyboard


          Will purchase:

          Xenarc D700 7" LCD
          Pioneer GM-4300F 4-channel amp
          Pioneer DEH-P5000UB head unit (ipod ready+rear aux in)
          Carnetix 1900 PSU
          Carnetix MacPac
          Weatherproff webcam for rear
          Macessity stand or porject box for Mini sotage between bucket seats
          USB Hub


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            Clownzer & kenji:

            Check my worklog. I'm putting a 1.66 Core Duo Mini in my Mazdaspeed 6. I'm mounting the computer in back of the glove box with a Macessity Hang With Mi and fabricating a custom screen mount for a Lilliput EBY701 to fit in the map tray on the dash. If I'm lucky, I'll finish the screen mount work this weekend.
            Any day is a good day for golf.

            Mazdaspeed6 Carputer Progress: Gone
            (Check Speedy's Install)

            Speedy was traded for a 2004 350z - Install complete except for permanent screen installation.


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              Very cool. A lot of my parts have been ordered, and I will be starting my own worklog. Hopefully, I will not have to fabricate too much myself.


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                @ Kenji

                Well this weekend I was going to do some fab work for the monitor holder but it seems this week the family decided to get sick lol. So I am looking at the dragon plate stuff now and so far looks pretty cool.

                I may just build a frame and cover it in the self adhesive veneer and see how that works out.

                Designs will be up shortly.


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                  Any updates?