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2007 Scion TC Install

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  • 2007 Scion TC Install

    2007 Scion Tc Carputer Install

    Well I started this project because I was searching on the Internet for a double din unit with Navigation and the ability to play FLAC files. I have about 1TB of live music in FLAC format, and get lost easily. After much searching and not being able to find a unit that did both, I was ready to give up. Until I came across a post in a forum where someone suggested the use of a CarPC. And the rest is history.

    My system:
    Front End: Centrafuse 2.0 RC3
    Operating System: Windows XP
    Motherboard: JETWAY J7F2WE2G-OC-PB
    Processor: 2.0 GHz VIA C7 CPU
    Memory: 1G
    Hard Drive #1: 120GB 2.5" Seagate SATA
    Hard Drive #2: 250 GB Hitachi Travelstar with OWC external case (Firewire)
    Power Supply: M2-ATX
    Screen: Lilliput 7" EBY701
    Satelite Radio: Sirrius SC-C1 with MJS adapter
    HD Radio: Visteon HDZ300 with MJS serial adapter
    WiFi: ASUS WL-107 11Mbps
    GPS: Microsoft ultra-compact GPS
    Miscellaneous: PHOENIX Gold XS6600 XS SER 6 Channel Amplifier
    PRICE TAG = Don't Ask....

    I don't have much experience in assembling computers, so I bought one from Mo-Co-So. It was a little pricey but well worth it. I really liked the construction and it had everything I was looking for in a PC.

    I was originally looking to install a 5.1 surround sound system, using a digital coax connection. The problem is it's really hard to find an amp with a built in DTS decoder that doesn't require a head unit. Also it seems that there used to be a lot of them in production, but not anymore. Except for alpine products most of them are no longer made. So I decided to get a 6 channel amp, so I have a 4.1 setup and only one amp. Here's a shot of the bench test using a power brick for the PC and an extra car battery for the amp on a trickle charge.

    The most important part of setting the whole system up, was the bench test. I can't imagine trying to get all of the hardware to play nicely together sitting in the drivers seat.

    So now that I have all of hardware working and the operating system running pretty stable it's time to fabricate the display. It took a long time to figure out how to achieve this. I thought the screen would fit in my dash opening, but it was a little to tall about a half inch or so. So I took the plunge, cut the sticker on my display and cracked it open. I removed the speaker, buttons, and IR receiver. I didn't plan on using any of it. But before I did I set it to automatically power on with the PC.

    Next I had to find something to hold it in place. I wanted to use a double din install kit so I could remove the screen and replace it with the radio should I ever decide to sell the car. I didn't want anything molded into the dash for that reason. I found out the only double din install kit for the scion TC consists of two mounting brackets that get bolted on to your double din head unit. Not having a head unit I had nothing to bolt it to. So I bought a single din install kit from Crutchfield with the storage space below to fill up the double din void. The next step was hacking the thing up into something that would hold my screen. I cut the plastic molding off the front to allow for the thickness of the screen. Cut the top of the storage bin off, cut out the single din cross members, and cut a whole in the side for my VGA cable.

    Next step was to install the display in the install kit. I wanted to use the hole in the bottom of the Lilliput thats used for the mounting bracket holder to attach it to the install kit. I drilled a whole in the bottom shelf and used the screwed for the mount to attach the back half of the display holding the circuit board to the kit. Next was to attach the screen to the kit which was a little more challenging. I removed the screen from the front half of the case and cut a piece of balsa wood in the shape of the single din install kit flange. I then used the four holes on the corner of the screen that were originally used to hold it in the case a screwed through the back of the wood into the display. I cut holes in the wood to allow the required cables to attach to the circuit board. Next I gorilla glued the piece of wood to the install kit. I really had to hack the crap out of the display case to get it to work. So I guess I voided my warranty. The pictures don't show the wood I used to attach it to the kit, if I were to do it again I'd use ABS. I occasionally here some crackling when it expands.

    Ordered and got my fused distribution block and battery terminal.

    Next step was the INSTALL hurray!!!

    Everything went pretty smooth. I had to hack up the dash a little bit to get the screen to install. But it's nothing noticeable should I ever replace it with the radio. Mostly back of house pieces that needing slight tweaking. I used a wiring harness to hook up my speakers to the stock speakers. I ran all of the power wires down the drivers side rail, VGA and USB cable down the center under the console on top of the tranny hump, and all of the speaker wires down the passenger side rail. I finished off the display with another piece of balsa wood painted silver and glued onto MDF blocks glued to the piece of wood holding my screen. (I have tons of that stuff laying around from architecture school).

    One thing I like about this car is the flap in the dash. I can fold it down when not in use and nobody knows what I'm packing. I might look into getting the automatic servo opener for WOW factor. But I don't know if I still have the room with the screen, or the money for crap like that when I can just as well open it with one touch.

    To supply power to all of my devices I installed three switches in the dash. There were already blanks in the dash, I just had to pop them out and drill a hole in them. Super easy. This car is just begging for a PC. The switchers are from left to right.

    [valet switch for PC accessory Power/Sirius SC-C1 power/Case fan power]

    I really like the LED's cause they look cool but are super bright at night. Luckily my knee keeps them from blinding me for the most part.

    The little knob as a dial for the crossover to control my subwoofer response. I can adjust while at the red light to blow the doors off any ghetto sled, or just adjust between songs on the radio.

    I ran the wires for my GPS and Sirius antenna from the trunk into the B pillar up to the rear seat sunroof. In the picture it shows them Velcro'd to the window, but I've since redone it. Turns out the Velcro adhesive melts in the warm weather and sunshine. Who would of though? Not me. Anyway I relocated the antenna to behind the drivers seat sunroof track, and I actually get better reception. I moved the GPS to the back side of the rear seat sunroof and am still looking into a way to attach it sans Velcro. I'll post some pics when I get a chance.

    After having the puter up and running for a while, one the weather started to hit 80 degrees (F) I started getting overheating problems with the MCS case. I could of cooked an egg on the sucker, the case gets hot but it's also in an enclosed space in my trunk. So, I installed a pretty blue LED case fan in the flap to bring in some cooler air

    I also cut a hole in the blank side of the case and attached a turbine fan to bring cooler air into the case. It pretty much blows air across the PSU and processor and exhausts out the cable holes on the other side. It's been working really well so far but I will make some modifications if I have to.

    Now that I had the PC installed and up and running I needed a good startup screen. I found a link on scion life to a scion promotion to make your own logo. I used it to make my logo, then a little photo shop magic and there you have it.

    Already completed write and pics to follow:
    -HD radio installation
    -satellite antenna and GPS relocation
    -Microphone installation

    To Do (reclaim my trunk):
    -Fiberglass subwoofer enclosure
    -Amp mount
    -Wire management
    My 2007 Scion Tc Install

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    that's a nice install.. wat are the switches near the side view mirrors for??


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      Originally posted by aznlaoboi07 View Post
      that's a nice install.. wat are the switches near the side view mirrors for??

      From left to right they are:

      [valet switch for PC accessory pwr/sirius radio pwr/pwr to case fans in trunk]

      Yeah I guess I should add some descriptions... sometime soon....
      My 2007 Scion Tc Install


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        Screen Mount

        Hey, Where did you get the screen mount for your monitor? I have a zenark 7" touch screen and want to install my mac mini into my car but first i need a monitor mount like yours, and then my next step is to find a head unit that is small to hide and that i can have it utilize my steering wheel controls.


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          Hey DPCHILI,

          Check out my photos in my profile, I made my own and it cost me about 10 bucks to do. It's not as hard as you might think.