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My 2000 grand prix project

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  • My 2000 grand prix project

    So here is what I've been working on. In order to fit the screen in the dash I removed the HVAC unit and the radio. Also there was a little pull out ash tray where the HVAC is sitting now that had to be removed. The metal plate with holes in it is my cheap way of building a bracket to hold the touchscreen.

    That little hole in the console is where the heated seat control was. I modified it a little before I reinstalled it.

    Here is the power wire running along the driver side by itself. At first I was going to install the carputer in the dash but I decided that the trunk would be the best place for it. Hence a lot of wires had to be run to the front of the vehicle. I ran two USB extension cords the monitor cord and the speaker wires all under the runner on the passenger side. Some how they all managed to fit under there.

    Here is the touchscreen which luckily fits perfect in the dash of a GP. You can see on the right the power cord plugged into the monitor. I had to drill a small hole in th dash to run the wire but it fits good. The screen came with a cig plug so I just bought a cheap plug from wal-mart and installed it behind the screen.

    Here is the modified heater control that fits into the hole in the console. I cut some holes in the plastic piece so that I could fit a cig lighter and a USB port. I'm still considering adding some audio in jacks and another USB port.

    Here everything is installed, just not cleaned up and covered by the dash .

    This is the trunk shot with everything ripped out of the back seat. The amp and the computer are secured to a board running under the carpet in the trunk. I would like to make some type of case to hold them but this is probably how they will stay for a while.

    Here is the power splitter. The cord runs straight from the battery. It has a fuse protection under the hood just a few feet from the battery and then as you can see splits with two more fuses protecting the amp and the computer. I want to add a switch somewhere in the line close to the driver seat that will cut all power in case the computer freezes or I just don't want to have power run to it.

    This is why I put the carputer in the middle of the trunk. My GP has a fold down thingy in the rear seat that makes accessing the computer easy.

    Here it is with the dash back on. The HVAC is just sitting beneath the screen right now. I hope to do some fabbing to make it look more stock but I'll have to cut up the HVAC some and also maybe do some bondo to create a more stock look in front.

    This is where I'm at right now. You can see that I had to cut a bar that ran across the middle of the dash right there. I'll probably try to sand it down a little more at some point to clean it up and possibly add some bondo to fill the holes but it will probably stay this way for a while.

    Thanks for lookin' any comments, questions, suggestions, and criticisms are welcome.
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    Let me be the first to tell you "nice job". I had a 2000 Grand Prix before getting my new 2008, and I know there is next to no room in that dashboard. I'm impressed you got everything worked in there right. Looks like you've got it worked down to just looks. I can't wait to see you mold the HVAC controls in so they look like they belong there - looks like you just need to do some filling in so that it flows from dash to center console smoothly. Do you have plans to clean up the trunk? Maybe build a box around the parts to keep it contained and 'clean' looking? I would defiantly think about adding ports to the cig lighter/USB/heated seat panel - balance that heated seat switch a bit.


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      Ya I basically just need to clean up the dash a bit to make it look more factory. Also, I would like to get some kind of box to case the amp and computer. I'm thinking that I should try to build something with fans to keep it cool in the summer. But also I would like it to be adjustable so that I can change it to keep the computer warm in the winter. Maybe try to harness the heat from the amp. Of course I'm not sure when I'll get time to do all this.
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