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2000 Dodge Intrepid - First carputer project

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  • 2000 Dodge Intrepid - First carputer project

    My car is a 2000 Dodge Intrepid ES with the 3.2L engine, and is Dark Garnette Red. The car has massive modifications. It's my first car from when I turned 16 and instead of upgrading to a new vehicle I just tinker constantly. I'll drop in a hand built engine in the next year or two just to give you an idea of how long term of a project car this is.

    The carputer itself is a Dell Latitude D820 laptop that I picked up used from my wife's work. They do really good deals on computers for their employees when they upgrade to newer equipment. It has a dead pixel on the screen and came with a tiny hard drive (all their stuff stays on servers), bad optical drive, and unstable XP installation. None of that concerned me for this installation so it was perfect. It has a Core 2 2.16GHz CPU with 3GB of RAM that more than does the job. It runs really smooth.

    I've installed a Samsung Pro 8400 SSD as my boot drive. It's only 128GB but I'm only using it for software. All media is held on a 2TB 2.5" portable external drive.

    Right now I'm working on setting up RR as my front end with LSX Void as my skin.

    Hardware I've already collected:
    Lind DE2045-1342 - power adapter made for the laptop.

    GlobalSat BU-353 GPS receiver - got it for a good deal on ebay new

    My sound card is a SB Audigy 2 ZS NB version using the PCMCIA slot.

    Here is my other miscelaneous equipment that I have. I don't have it all installed quite yet though.
    Mitchjs' HDR-RS232 HD radio patch cable
    XMPCR kit and XMPCR optical board
    Visteon HDZ300
    W3bmaster's Auto on power supply
    Dell docking station
    Audigy 2 ZS NB PCMCIA card - Works great

    For the screen I tried experimenting with a cheapo solution but it just didn't cut it. I'm all in now, so I finally ordered a real screen. I ordered a 10" LCD from here. It's capacitative with multitouch, 1280x800, comes with ambient light sensor with the controller board.

    As far as the sound system goes, it's a pretty impressive SQ install (for a DD, not a competition system). It technically isn't part of the carputer, but it's the whole reason behind the project.
    -The sound card sends the signal out optically.
    -The signal processor is a MiniDSP 2x8 with DIGI-FP IO card
    -My amps are a Boston Acoustics GT-2200 for front woofers, JL 300/4v2 for tweeters and rears, Pioneer GM-5300T for the subs
    -Front stage is Legatia L6v2 woofers and Scanspeak Illuminator D3004 tweeters
    -Rear speakers are Infinity Reference 9613i
    -Subs are JL Audio 8W0 (2). They aren't super high end, but for a small enclosure they do great.

    There are a couple of pieces I'll upgrade some day, such as the subs and sub amp, but at the moment they're preforming great for the cost.

    Right now my rear speakers aren't even being powered. I don't need them right now, but plan on experimenting with some other cool processing for them down the road so I haven't taken them out. If I decide I like the processing I'll upgrade them to higher end drivers and do a custom rear deck install.
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    Computer is in the car, but in a very "raw" install right now.

    Worklog - here