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2005 Corolla Sportivo (Aus)

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  • 2005 Corolla Sportivo (Aus)

    hey people, im a newbie, but ide thought ill post some progress of my Carpc

    Im from Australia,

    Main reason for building a carpc is, i wanted value for money. I had a Clarion MAX676VD. It did ok for around 8 months of multimedia serving, but i wanted more, i wanted GPS, i wanted more music in my car, more video.

    well i found out, clarion didnt support GPS receivers, if i wanted music i wouldve needed an Ipod and and ipod adapter, i wanted TV Tuner which wouldve cost a bit and an external processor wouldve jacked the price up to.

    So i sold the unit and am starting to build my own PC.

    So far i have

    Screen: Lilliput EBY701
    Motherboard: dont have yet
    HDD: 160gb Seagate momentus 2.5"
    DVD: Slot Load Panasonic slimline
    Other: Bluetooth dongle cheapo ebay item, Cheapo USB hub 4pt. DVB-T dongle
    GPS: dont have yet, Probably the Mouse 1
    PSU: M2-ATX
    OBDII: ELM337 i think from ebay
    Frontend: RoadRunner
    FM receiver: I dunno if there is any in Australia
    Sound Card: Dont have yet, Probably SB 5.1 Live

    Also running the following:

    Front Speaker: Focal 165A splits
    Rear Speakers: MB Quart EKA116 6" speakers
    Speaker Amp: Rockford Fosgate Punch 400.4
    Sub Amp: Rockford Fosgate Punch 400.2
    Subs: 2x Image Dynamics ID8v3

    I will be building and mounting it all in a slim tray that is found near the spare tire which is perfect size for everything to fit in.

    Screen and Custom bezel. Looks pretty dodgy i think i gotta redo it again.

    The Car

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    Nice Carpc setup and stivo you got! I'm also from Aus and I too own a 05 Sportivo too. I've recently set up a CarPc in mine, Just a question about your OBDII, did you get yours working? Is the ELM337 the correct one for Sportivos? I'm trying to figure the OBDII thing out with mine. Any help can be appreciated!