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  • 94 Mustang GT

    Hey guys, so Ive thought long enough about all of this I'm ready to get goin with this project. Here are the things that I've ordered:

    Lilliput 7" touch
    Intel D201GLY2A Little Valley with 1.33 GHz Celeron Processor
    1 GB Ram
    M2-ATX-HV 160W Intelligent DC-DC PSU
    Flex Keyboard
    BU-353 Weather-proof GPS Receiver
    Back up camera
    350W 4 ch kicker amp (speakers)
    350w 2 ch kicker amp (subs)
    Slot loading DVD ROM
    Mini ITX case (ebay)

    No front end yet, I was thinking RR but i like the look and feel of SD, any comments would be appreciated.

    I am eventually going to go the HD FM route, but I have a few questions about how I connect the RCAs to input in the PC...any help appreciated.

    I have a custom fit sub box holding 2 12s in my trunk and im building a custom amp rack which will have lighting and fans inside. I don't have any pics of these things yet, but here is the car...

    Thanks for looking and any help!

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    Just make sure you take lots of pictures. People like myself spend hours searching forums for Mustangs and only on the odd occasion do a few come out useful.

    Do you plan on relocating the AC controls? Thats one of the huge things Ive noticed...
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      Originally posted by colin View Post
      Do you plan on relocating the AC controls? Thats one of the huge things Ive noticed...
      Yeah im relocating them, Just cutting the metal support keeping the hoses from moving down so I dont have to fool with the hoses. I'll probably be doing that sometime this week. I'm not the biggest gear head as far as cars go and I've never really done fab work, but computers I do know. So hopefully this thread can serve as a "carpc for dummies" lol I took pics with my phone earlier and they are decent so I will be taking tons of pics.

      I forgot to mention i'll be sound deadening the car too!


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        Ordered XM and griffin powermate today... just waitin for it all to get here. Theres a big plastic speaker box in the back of mustangs and it keeps my sub box from pushing back. I'm going to try and look at that today and possibly cut a grove in it for the box to wedge in. (Pictures will be clearer I know) Then I'll be able to measure for my amp rack. We are moving into a new house this weekend so the following weekend I think is when I'm strippin the car down and applyin some B-quiet extream and b-quiet Hliner to give me a bit of a quieter ride. (Hopefully, I drive 4 hours to school on 1 road doing 65, or according to 5 cops in the last year - 80)


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          okay so I've gotten most of the parts in, heres my set up installing windows on friday...

          I'm getting roadrunner all figured out. I went with the DigitalFX skin because it seemed the most advanced from what I had seen. If anyone has played with ones they feel are better let me know. I also had a question if anyone knows.... As you may know the lilliput screens have a 12V output for devices such as like I have, my back up camera. Problem is they are both females. What do I search or where do I go to get a long 12v to 12v entension? Thanks for all your help guys. I know I'm gettin into it kinda slow but I feel like I'm at work 24.7 and I'm also movin into a new house. My sound deadening stuff comes in on thursday so thats when I should start with the car. And I just got some MDF yesturday to start an amp rack. Thanks for the help guys!


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            I actually got a little work done yesterday. By the time I was done, it was too dark to take pictures but I took 2 this morning. I cut up the dash to make room for the 2 din kit I just ebayed.

            I put the AC controls back right now because the stang is my daily driver.

            Here you can see the metal bar that was cut that make it muuuch easier to relocate the AC controls.

            I'm not sure about the mounting of the AC controls quite yet, I have to play with the fitting a bit.

            I also got to work on the amp rack yesterday but no pictures of that quite yet. For those of you familiar with the mustang, I'm mounting them behind the back seats to when u fold them down you can see them. Whelp thats all for today. I think thursday i'm going to be taking out the seats n carpet to start running wires and get ready to 'dynamat'


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              Okay so I've gotten a little work done on the mustang and you would not believe how easy it is to forget to take pictures! Anyways, I started removing seats and carpet for the 'dynamat' install. First Picture: you can see the rear seat pulled out.

              I ordered 100 sq ft and it was enough to cover the whole trunk all the way up to right behind the front seats and the 2 doors:

              Little tip if you are gonna do this stuff yourself: It started to rain as we finished up, we noticed it is a lot easier to roll out bubbles when one side is a little wet and you can just slide your hand across, much better than a roller IMO. Also, the jobs look much better in pictures than in real life.

              Next I'm running wires before I put all of the carpet back in which means I have to sort out how to wire up the ATX power supply and see where I'm going to need USBs. I have the amp rack pretty much cut out and I got the carpet for it on Saturday. Need to get plexy for the viewing window. I'll take pictures once it actually looks like an amp rack.


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                Good stuff!

                You've got one of the easier (IMO) bezel styles. The newer mustangs have the air conditioning on top and then a 1.5 DIN slot below for the stock radio. It's such a pain in the *** to relocate the AC, you have to cut up your whole dash. Better be worth it in the end

                Lots of pics...
                2001 Mustang Convertible Worklog
                Indigo Custom Frontend (Flash/Delphi)

                Qube v1.3 Now Available at the mp3Car Store!!!!!!
                The simplest IO controller you'll ever use!


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                  Okay yesturday I put the trunk back together and put in new JBL speakers and ran wires. I finally started working on my dash. After I shaved it down you can see, it fits pretty snug...

                  The screen is now being held in with the As Seen On TV Mighty Putty, they sell it at walmart to see how it worked. In short, it sucks. Much too dry to work with. Anyways I bought some bondo last night at wally world and I'll be finishing up the back support of the monitor. Oh yeah, and I don't want to take the screen out of the original case. I know it looks more OEM this way but I don't wanna take chances in that department. I also will have a back up camera wired into the monitor so I want to have the IR sensor and buttons in tact to be able to switch to that camera.

                  Theres another thread here that shows you how to wire it up so your screen changes inputs when you go into reverse. I'll be trying that out eventually but first just want to get the basics in. Have a good day guys! More work coming!


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                    Most of the screens have an additional wire on them -- when the wire sees +12v (IE from your brake lights/pedal...) the screen automatically switches to AV input 2 (usually) and that's where you hook up your camera.
                    2001 Mustang Convertible Worklog
                    Indigo Custom Frontend (Flash/Delphi)

                    Qube v1.3 Now Available at the mp3Car Store!!!!!!
                    The simplest IO controller you'll ever use!


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                      Sorry it's been a while for me to update this here but I, for the most part, was just running wires through the car. I did find out that the lilliput model that I have does have the AV2 option of switching when it's turned on which saves me a lot of work.

                      So let me take you through my adventure of creating my bezel. As you can see from above. I didn't have much to add around the edges to make the screen fit. As I mentioned before, I didn't want to take the screen apart and risk damaging it. So this is what I did...

                      Here's the problem. Like all electronics, monitors get hot. So the manufacturers put nice little vents on them to disperse the heat. And what did I do? Cover them up! So HACK that idea, i just cut all that out and started from scratch..... and look what I did:

                      I popped the front off and I am molding it to the dash piece like a sticky around here has shown.

                      I used bumper repair to plastic all around the monitor. When I was sanding it, more bubbles seem to pop up so I'm guessing that there was some air in the plastic, So I filled them with bondo, sanded, bondo'd again, primed and sanded and here's where I am:

                      not too shabby for a first timer. I still have a little work to do to make it perfect n then I'm slappin on some paint. Gonna use the paint for plastics from walmart. Seems to work very well with my bezel and the color matches exactly even after 14 years of fade.

                      I'll keep the updates coming as I get through them. I tore apart my visor last night to put in the keyboard. I'll have pics up soon! Comments welcome!


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                        wow thats a really neat install of the lilliput! good job.
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                          Okay so I finished up the bezel and painted with a slightly textured plastic paint. Looked great. I went to put the bezel in the car and cracked the side of it:

                          So back to the beginning with all of that. I'm taking my car to the beach this weekend so I'm kinda in a hurry to get the seats back in. I wired up relays for the XM, fans, and lights i'm running and they don't seem to work. I got the amps in and they pop. The external sound car only turns on when it wants. When the 4 channel amp does work it wont let me turn the volume up too high. And to top it all off, I've gotten what i've read to be called the dreaded white screen of death on my lilliput. I did hook up a monitor to the computer by running a loooong extension cord from the house and I see that everything working fine just gotta get all this stuff sorted out all before friday and working on it monday isn't an option because I work my 2 jobs 8-9. Ahh well thanks for letting me vent. Comments welcome 8^)


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                            Don't you hate the "Awww, $#!+" stuff that comes up? Keep truckin'.

                            If the external sound card is USB, make sure it's getting enough power. Try leaving it as the only device on that USB circuit.

                            Good luck -- we're watching over your shoulder and cheering . . .
                            If just enough is really good, then too much ought to be perfect.

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                              Okay so I got anxious today and pulled the monitor out at work (I'm a computer technician) Slid a ribbon back in that must be common to fall out according to this thread
                              In that threat they use duct tape and a toothpick to fix this issue but I guess the new lilliputs fixed this issue bc they made a little plastic snap connector.

                              (i'll post a picture next time I open her up)

                              Anyways it works fine now! Annddd I took the sound card off the hub and it seems to work fine as well bc the amps are going to protect right after it gets goin. Sooo I'm gonna attempt to check my grounds tuesday and hope it works from there.

                              Oh and the bezel, cracked it even more today, ehh well. Has anyone had this issue? I can't think of how to add support between the lillput cover and the original bezel without actually making the entire screen permanent rather than just the cover.

                              Thanks for your help and support!