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2007 Audi A4 Symphony II+ my first car PC install

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  • 2007 Audi A4 Symphony II+ my first car PC install

    Hi all,

    I've been reading a lot - this forum is great. I am starting an install in my 2007 Audi A4 and wanted to open this thread to show the progress as well as help others installing on the Audi B7 platform. My stock head unit is Symphony II+ which is basically the same as Symphony II but it also supports MP3 CDs. I previously installed an aftermarket bluetooth (Parrot kit) with a special harness to interface with my HU and I like it, so I am going to keep that for phone integration. My plan is to keep the HU and relocate it to the glove compartment (if it fits) and then have PC audio output into the HU AUX input. Parts that I already bought:

    - Mini ITX Carputer case from (love it!)
    - Intel D945GCLF ATOM 230 Mini ITX Motherboard (a.k.a Little Falls)
    - Toshiba 120Gb SATA2 HDD
    - 1 GB DDR2 RAM
    - Slim Slot Loading/Trayless DVD USB Combo Drive from
    - M2-ATX Smart Power Supply
    - Metra 99-9102 Double Din adapter for Audi
    - Double din LCD frame for Lilliput 629 from
    - Double din universal trim from

    Already installed (and works like a dream):
    - Parrot CK3000 Evolution kit (don't need any external displays)
    - Audi Steering wheel controls/stereo integration harness


    - Relocate the HU into the glove box (if it fits). My HU has a built in amp for all front speakers and there is a separate amp for the rear speakers. By keeping the HU it will be easier to install, no need to buy another amp and additional wiring/harnesses. I can also keep my existing bluetooth integration which works great with my Spring Mogul (Win Mobile) phone. The HU takes care of muting the audio when the call comes in, and annonces the caller name through the speakers.

    - Install PC in the trunk (there is a nice compartment there with a door, so I may use that if it fits

    - Install the screen: take the LCD pannel out of the housing and attach to the bybyte frame. Then insert the frame with the LCD into the Metra 99-9102 kit. Then use the double-din trim from bybyte on top of the LCD for an clean, finished look. May need to do some very minor trimming and painting to match the dash color but the goal here is to not do any bondo/fiberglass/etc. work and ability to always reverse to stock setup if necessary.

    - Use the bluetooth GPS receiver that I already have (GPS-6033) which has a nice auto-on feature. I've used it with my Dell Axim PPC a while ago and it worked well. Should be good for now, but I will buy a USB receiver in case if I will have any issues.

    - Use a Dell branded ThinkOutside (iGO) Stowaway bluetooth keyboard. This thing folds to a size of a small calculator and when expanded provides an almost a laptop size keyboard. It is awesome for the car pc purpose I think.

    - Will be using RoadRunner for the front end and realy liking the MMIv2 skin (thanks Sal R!)

    - Will be using my Sprint Mogul with data plan for on-the-go internet connection via USB (or BT).

    What I want to use it for now:
    - Music
    - Nav
    - Internet
    - TV (via Slingbox)
    - Video
    - Pictures

    What I may want to use it for later:
    - VAG-COM diagnostics
    - Sat radio
    - Home automation (alarm status, lights, HVAC, etc.)
    - Video camera for Skype calls, video IM, etc.
    - Other ideas that I get around the forum

    The last thing that I need to figure out is the best way to interface PC audio out to the AUX input of my HU. Seems like there are two/three options available so I am still looking for pros/cons. Any advise is appreciated.

    Will keep my progress here. Pictures to come.