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7" palio bezel

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  • 7" palio bezel

    Hi, here a pictures of my proyect.

    PD: My English is really poor, so i try to write not to much. sorry.

    the tactil

    the original car.

    the final, is not in the car cause my power source is come just yesterday, you can see the carpc too.

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    Looks good so far.

    Don't worry about your skill with English. We appreciate all the information you can give us. If we don't understand, we'll ask what you mean.

    What's the PC, and what's the power supply?
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      thanks, the carpc is a EpiaTC-10000 and the power suply is a TONO MINI CXZ-150W DC-ATX, i have not test it yet, but i do it as soon as possible.