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1998 Honda Prelude

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  • 1998 Honda Prelude

    Well, it all started with an amp sub and headunit my friend gave me to boost my sound system a little and I just went crazy. I went and bought a whole new sound system and while in the process stumbled onto this little site. My eyes were opened to the endless possibilities and so it began.

    This is what I have sitting in my room waiting so far:

    My sound system
    Headunit: Pioneer Premier P800prs (plan to use the universal underdash mount or place inside glovebox)
    Front Speakers: Alpine Type R Component
    Rear Speakers: Alpine Type R Coaxial
    Mono Amp: JBL GTO1201.1
    4 Channel Amp: JBL PX300.4
    Subwoofer: 12" Diamond Sub

    My Carputer
    I was planning on building my own but realized if I did, I would have to have the best power supply to run it. (I did the calculations for volts and etc already) Instead, since I am also a huge mac lover, I went with the mac mini idea.
    Computer: 1.86ghz Mac Mini
    Monitor: Lilliput 629gl
    Power Supply: Carnetix 1900
    GPS: Garmin GPS 18

    Frontend: I plan to just use FrontRow and Spaces for movement between GPS and Music/DVD
    NavSystem: Planning to use iGuidance but not sure

    Please let me know if you think Im missing anything. Software recommendations would be nice as well.

    All this is staying in my house until I install an ALARM SYSTEM though.