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2004 VW Jetta GLI - CarPC install

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  • 2004 VW Jetta GLI - CarPC install


    Going to use this for progress and also notes on my install. I'm currently gathering all the information and parts I need to start my install. Also planning exactly how I would like to do it and a backup plan. Sorry if what I log here seems a little random.


    My plan is to install the CarPC in the trunk. Not sure if I'm going to use the CD Changer compartment or the tire well. I might also mount the case on the backseat, not quite sure.

    I'm going to keep my HU, but move it to the glove compartment, if possible or mount it below. I'm going to use the VW bezel from the MP3Car store with a Xernarc 705TSV 7". I'm going to keep a HU so I can use the AUX input for the audio, and I want to keep my Monsoon amp, if possible. If I can't, then it is what it is.

    Parts list

    PCI Power bracket - $1.00
    2.5 to 3.5 HD Cable Adapter - $10
    Mini-ITX Motherboard - $73
    VoomPC-2 Enclosure - $80
    Slim CD-ROM to 2.5 IDE Adapter - $10
    Xenarc 705TSV 7" - $300
    Griffin PowerMate USB Multimedia - $40
    VW MkIV 7 Bezel - $120
    Carnetix CNX-P2140 185W - $100
    Double Din Radio Removal Keys - $12

    Estimated cost: $1,000.00 upon completion.
    2004 Jetta GLI CarPC Worklog

    Amateur MMA: 1-0

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    Just from browsing around the web, I'm thinking I may have to install a seperate amp in between my new HU and the Monsoon amp. I wonder if that would make sense or not... I believe I still have a 120W amp, although it is only 2-ch.
    2004 Jetta GLI CarPC Worklog

    Amateur MMA: 1-0