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modified 360 mainboard installed in dash of Eclipse behind Plexi as Carputer

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  • modified 360 mainboard installed in dash of Eclipse behind Plexi as Carputer

    The most updated info and pics are at UPGRADECAR.BLOGSPOT.COM

    Hello all. I have done a handful of installs related to carputer. I first did one in 2006 that was a AMD based persnal computer. I used parts that I had at the time for spares. I had a cd drive, 40 gig HD, Barton 2500cpu and a 7in Xenarc screen. Having the main input as touchscreen kinda sucked and was dangerous driving. I am doing a new install that uses a controller interface but still utilizes touch screen through USB. I did not want a full desktop PC like before but I needed something compact and to be able to save music, surf internet and use wireless. I found that using a Xbox 360 mainboard with a ATX power supply modified to come on when I turn the screen on or press a button on the controller would be nice. I needed a easy access external drive to download movies, music and anything else without sitting in the car or having extra long cords. So a large external drive is what I will use. I am using a 7 in DVD player / USB touch screen made by XO vision. The XO vision also serves as my new radio and Head unit as it has a 280 watt amp built in for speakers up to 120 watts each.

    Here is what the carputer looked like. I really like the wow factor and thats what I am going for now too. The video card and motherboard shorted out night at random and never worked agian, but I will reuse the concept and plexi glass top. I wanted to use a more READY TO GO setup. I like using a remote control and a bluetooth thumb pad

    *Here is how the xbox will wire up in the dash. The xbox 360 always looks for profile settings and can load a boot program designated from the Flash drive. After they are saved the BIOS searches for the profile each time it turns on from there forward. Given that I am taking advantage of the two extra memory ports you would normally save game data on. I will use two 512mb cards, one card is enough but I want it to looks balanced without an extra hole hanging out. The ATX power supply will be specifically for 12volt and remote turn on.

    *Here is the 360 donor that with graciously give it's life to become a car PC for the devices working days, allspark bless him...

    *This is the Xbox 360 with the clam shell case removed. It is pretty simple and I did it with a T6 screw driver and finger nail clippers.

    The first thing I noticed is how bland this looks behind plexi glass

    *I really wanted to spice up the look of the mount and DVD drive since they cover most the board. I descided that I should cut a drive window for the DVD player. It looks pretty cool to see a DVD laser light us the DVD housing and see a disc spinning. Also I definatly need some color here! I descided to go for an Iron Man color scheme. A deep metalc red, with candy coat and gold accents in certain places, not as flashy as the actual Iron man scheme.

    *A DVD drive window can be done on most all players. With some players they have detailed dimples and risers in the case. Those are harder to make a perfect circle without a machine like a water jet.

    To start with you take the thing apart, don't break anything! Find the center of where the disc would be if it was in the player. This is best done by careful measurent. Draw cross hairs for the center. Then line up a spare disc on the cross hairs. Hold the disc down firmly and draw a circle around it with a fine tipped felt pen.

    After the circle is drawn check it to make sure it is centered. If so the next step is to draw an "arm" that will hold the center puck in place so that the DVD player is still useful in the future. It is best the arm is wide, maybe 2 inches. I chose to taper it from 3 inches to 2 inches for more style.

    Well time to make a cut! I used a cutting wheel to get about 1/4 in from the edge. I did this to get the majority of the material out.

    Here I cut down to 1/8th inch to the circle I drew a few minutes ago. I wanted to test fit to see how it looked.

    I used a dremel with 120 grit sanding drum to deburr and cut the final shape ot the edges. I also used 120 grit to remove sticker gew and round off the edges to make sure I never cut myself.

    Here the drive is finished as far as the cut goes. It all fit back together well!
    I will make the next post on the mount design I came us with.

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    Iron Man theme ,dvd drive and frame gets powdercoated red

    Because this is all the same thread I don't need to post the 360 motherboard and frame agian, but I descided to give it all some color. When I had the red motherboard before everyone found it very impressive and I was often stopped at fueling stations being asked what it was. I am not ballsy enough to try and paint the motherboard ,but the steel frame would powdercoat great! I had the three pieces seen here done candy red!!

    I think this is plenty of red color, it almost is like showing the "insides" or "heart" of the car. At least thats how others invision it. Oh FYI this is the same red I powdercoated the engine parts with on the same car this install is for, so it matches too.

    After being put back together it looks ver good. There are only a couple flaws and a normal personal would never see them. I hid them well too So that will never be a subject from here on out.

    Next is for me to introduce a frame as it has to be mounted somehow.


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      Irom Man theme 3d Frame pictures, and final pictures for mounting mainboard.

      I need to keep the mount basic so I can fabricate fiberglass around it.

      This is 1/2 in MDF backing with a wrap around frame designed to vertically cradle the main board.

      Here is the basic concept without color or any details at all. I will add thing like the walls, edges and dvd drive and color it.

      Here is the red color added and the other additions. Now that I have a plan it is time to build something.

      Okay here we go. Here is the backing with the wrap around cradle that I will use to frame the motherboard inside the fiberglass enclosure.

      The fans will vent through the bottom. Before this project is over though I will have the GPU and CPU watercooled but I need to order a custom waterblock to fit in the tigh space under the drive. Koolance sells it for 60 bucks I think and is made from Copper.


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        Motherboard enclosure gets fleec stretched to make the shape!

        Here is an earlier picture of the test fit in the dash before I had the parts painted red.
        It fits well. I will have it sit 1 inch higher in the dash when it is mounted.

        This is one of those DONT TRY THIS AT HOME, things. Resin can ruin everything it touches ,but I have made a handfull of enclosers for car stereo and though it looks easy there are detail to consider. First off everthing exposed in side must be covered with Tin foil. Resin gets hot and will melt plastic. The dash can take 180 degress of heat so I taped it all of twice with painters tape.

        The fleece is attached to the frame with staples and the to the dash with hot glue. THe glue only adheres to the tape so there is not risk of damaging the car after removing the enclosure later. I also used low temp glue. The fleece was stretched every direction until no wrinkles remained and the desired shape was made.

        * The red line marked the outline of the motherboard to I would better know how to align the mount.

        The first layer is the most important. The resin must be applied thick enough to soake the fleece all the way through but without any runs. Though resin holds the shape pretty well it will warm without fiberglass. The resin iss applied thick all the way ot the edges of the dash were the enclosure will evetuallt be trimed down to.

        Looking down you can see through the large hole where all wire an hoses will be fed through. In reality this is called an "impossible angle". It is a term in car stereo that means you cannot see a mount or hole at the normal viewing point becuase of angle or being hidden by another object.


        After the enclosure is stiff enough over night you can pull it out. This is a great example of the resin soaking all the way through and you see all the staples that held the fleece down before it was soaked.

        I will add one layer of fiberglass and resin on the back and one layer on the front. Even if the whole front layer was sanded off it would still have plenty of support from the backside.


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          Red frame gets test fit in the dash

          After the last to layers of fiberglass things can warp. I took good care to do the fiberglassing at night when it was as cool as possible. Heat caused the fiberglass to cure uneven and even split open if done during to day when it is 90 degreed outside. I needed to test fit to make sire everthing lines up after those last two layers.

          You can see I applied a layer of body filler. I did this because sanding fiberglass is a pain, I rather shape body filler. My lungs thank me :P

          Here everything looks fine, It looks crooked in the pic becuase I needed both hands to take the picture and could not hold it up straight. I need to find screws 4 inches long but really thin to mount this to the fiberglass enclosure. I will put that on my to-do list.


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            XO Vision DVD PLAYER/SCREEN came in, I gave it a test fit

            I played the mummy on this for a few minutes and the video is very smooth and bright at night. I have not tried during the day but I believe it will suffice.

            I will need to make a custom dash kit to recess this thing becuast the way the instructions says to mount it , it would be hanging out of the OEM bezel like 3/4 of an inch. What a sore thumb it was. So I am going to flushing it as close as I can to the way I have it in this picture.


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              1997 Eagle Talon, In dash pc/console behind Plexi, liquid cooled.

              I like this screen because it was very inexpensive. I managed to nab it up for $160 plus shipping. This was on ebay of course. The retail is $300. Still the two main things I care about are here. A DVD player, and head unit. This screen is also a CD player , tuner, Tv, and has USB and SD card slots for additional memory. There are two AUX in video inputs, one for backup camera, and another for a game system. So far this screen is looking pretty good. I hope to be using it in a week or so. I already soldered the wiring harness.

              This is what I came up with to mount it. I hope this is strong enough or I will need to go by the OEM metal brackets. I will need to drill two holes for the screws so this can be mounted. My biggest concern is the DVD player flushing to the bezel. As you can see it can be done in the picture above however I dont know if it will be able to slide forward will the bezel i made having such tight clearance. I may need to sacrifice flushing the unit to make sure it can open. I will only slide it out enough for the screen to open without resistance.