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  • My lunchbox

    Here's a silly little idea I had, and figured I'd tinker with. I have an Epia M10000 board, and figured it might just fit into a kids lunchbox. Sure enough, I found a lunchbox that is slightly larger than normal (not much though) that would allow me to mount the board in, with an M3-ATX power supply, and have room to slip a 2.5" drive or two into if I want.

    Take a peek if you want.

    I haven't finished, I just barely cut the "backplate", but so far it looks like it will work. I plan to drill a lot of small holes in the "eyes" of the Jolly Roger (you'll see what I mean when you see the pictures), and have a small thin fan mounted on the underside to help vent the box, and I'll do the same on one "side" (when it's laying down flat, one side/end) and put another fan there probably, or I may skip the fan in the "eyes", but have the one on the side, pulling air out of the box.

    I figured this sitting under the seat of a minivan (or other vehicle) wouldn't be as "interesting" to a thief, since they might expect to find rotting food in it. It can lay under a seat, with the backplate tucked way under, where the wiring can be attached and routed under the carpet. Anyone seeing you take it out of your car won't think anything of it either.

    Another option is to set it down into a rear storage cubby in a minivan or other vehicle, if so equipped, and it wouldn't draw any attention there either. Who'd think twice about a lunchbox?

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    Goodwork man, very creative..
    4G64 5 SPEED


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      Haha! In today's news, an unexplained outbreak of lunchbox thefts has local police baffled...


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        LOL. Yeah, I probably should have kept it a secret huh?!

        I was originally going to get it custom painted, with some surreal artwork, but then I thought NO someone WOULD steal it then. What I really needed was a hello kitty, strawberry shortcake, or teletubbies box, and some rotted food scented spray to use on it. Any of those would be a deterrent for theft.