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The Bmw Z3 Project 2008

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  • The Bmw Z3 Project 2008

    Just about to start this so have got me self a holding Spot

    Car Specs

    Bmw z3 (2000 Reg)
    M Tec wheels
    other random upgrades etc etc

    I have Just purchased the Computer Parts which are as follows

    Western Digital WD1200BEVS 120GB 2.5" SATA Hard Drive 5400RPM 8MB Cache - OEM

    AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ Socket AM2 2.6GHz Energy Efficient L2 1MB (2x512KB) Cache Retail Boxed Processor

    Kingston 2gb Ddr2 800mhz Hyperx Memory Non-ecc Cl5 (5-5-5-15) Dimm

    Jetway JNC62K AM2+ Mini-ITX Mainboard

    M2-ATX - 160W Intelligent Car PSU

    k90 indash Monitor

    And probally Centrafuse Front end

    People wondering what im going to do with a case ? im converting the old Cd changer case into a carpc case might as well make use of it and it will look nice and stealthy

    Ok a few Problems so far

    What to do For Sound i.e amp ? as i dont want another box i want everything inside the cd changer case ! so i have to think about this.

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    Just a little Update ,

    What has been done so far..

    1.) got most of my componants ( see pics)
    2.) awaiting motherboard screws/risers and my low profile heatsink fan
    3.) screen works great Wahoo !!

    Test fitted the motherboard, seems to fit ok in it .... the back needs cuttin to fit the IO plate on the back also new holes for motherboard Mounting.

    Theres also enough space for the power supply to mount as well onto the bottom. and the harddrive can mount on the top of the Lid ... quite happy as it all seems to fit a ok.

    im trying to make this carpc as stealthy as possible , i managed to get a amp that fits inbetween the bracket that holds the changer on , the amp will be totally hidden behind the cd changers carpet covering .

    Heres some pics of the current componants , all else that is required is basically a long Vga extension Lead , which i should have some where ! and then i can plan the time on how to install the bits and pieces.


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      recieved my low profile fan today and my small jenson Amp , so went about installing the OS

      I used A customised version of XP with Sp3 that is stipped down quite far ! with loads of registry tweaks..

      I also have used me old Centrafuse 1.43 software to just test it and see how it plays

      From Raw boot to After Centrafuse loads fully It takes 41 seconds which im quite happy with .

      Screen looks brilliant and the touchscreen works very well

      Next stage of the Project is to basically get the cd changer case sorted and have the computer fitted in there nice and secure and snug !..


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        Got the Pc installed inside the cd changer case , the back dont look pretty ! but ur not going to see that so it dont matter

        Heres a few pics of it so far !

        Running is a totally stripped fast boot version of XP , loads of registry tweeks ! and services removed
        more pics to follow !


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          just a little update , was planning to sell when i got a new job but have decided instead to take some time and do it over a longer period

          PC is totally Built. I have basically created a custom built loom from the front to the back of the car , should be all plug and play hopefully now ! lol

          got a emergency shutdown button to go in the dash

          replaced the crap 2 channel jetson amp with a 4 channel very small clarion Amp which should fit onto the bracket above the changer.


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            New Update , Carpc is fully Installed

            My mini clarion amp in the end did not have a gain control so had to buy a bigger amp so bought a new 4 channel audiobahn amp ( not installed yet , but wiring is all there )

            heres a few install pics ( Please excuse the wiring thats there , thats all the wires for the amplifier , so all i need to do is put them in and screw down the amp )

            Also please note i need to change the screens bezzle surround as its a bit scratched as you can see.