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Skoda Felicia Fun,My first CarPC Project

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  • Skoda Felicia Fun,My first CarPC Project


    I have been thinkin about building a CarPC about a year or so, but here yesterday i wanted to finaly start my CarPC project, so i looked a bit on the internet, and found some hardware i would need, and where to get it.

    So today i looked by the local PC dealer, and then got this:
    Asrock 2Core1066-2,13G, Motherboard with Intel Core2Duo, 1.6ghz factory clocked to 2,13ghz, will be downclocked to about 1,4Ghz
    A-Data 2048Mb DDR2 ram
    Seagate Momentus 5400.4 120Gb SATA Harddrive
    Globalsat Bu-353 USB GPS Reciever
    Glacieltech CPU cooler, and a couple of ultra Low OEM CPU Heatshrinks
    2 * Papst 120mm fans, Super Quiet, and even lower noise when run at 7 volts.
    M2-ATX 160Watt Power Supply Unit
    1 Labtec Media Keyboard, will be used as a interface for buttons, because of its great Macro functions, and cheapnes
    Different cables, for power and drive connections, and a Serial cable for the Mainboard and some extra USB cables.
    Stock VW RCD 300 Radio, for buttons
    A couple of hinges, for the cabinet.

    Heres the pricelist in dollars:
    Mainboard with CPU 80$
    Seagate HDD 55 $
    Ram 30$
    Globalsat Bu-353 22
    Glacieltech cooler 2$
    2 Papst Fans 25$
    M2-Atx PSU 90$
    Labtec keyboard 8$
    Cables and RCD300 free
    Hinges free

    Price so far: 314$

    Pictures of the Project so far, sorry for the crappy pictures, they are taken with my phone.

    So things i need is before i can install:
    Touch Screen
    Cabinet for the PC, Main cabinet for the PC made, just needs to be cut out.

    Things i may add later:
    Slimdrive CD-Rom drive, if i want to, i just planned on using USB sticks and use the HDD for music, Slim to ATA adapter bought.
    Use a Amplifier instead of my headunit.
    WIFI, Lowprofile PCI Wifi card bought.

    By the way, i have some questions:
    Does the M2-Atx use a seperate rail for the 4 pin 12 volt ATX connector, or the same as the other 12volt lines?
    And where do you think i shoul mount the screen with out destroing anything on the dashboard? Here is a picture of it

    Best Regards

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    A little offtopic, but were the leather seats option for felicia? Is it some special edition like "fun" or something?

    Just currious. Also i'm quite worried about HDD in felica, because of it's infamous suspension


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      Leather seats. well its standard in L&K model, on the felicia.
      Its a option on a Felicia Fun.
      Btw it has 2 retractable seats on the pickup floor.


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        Today i ordered a Slim DVD Slide Burner, and a adapter for IDE, and a PCI low heigt WIFI card.
        And talked a bit with a friend about building a box for the computer, so it can fit under the driver seat.


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          Yesterday me and my friend made a housing for the PC.
          [media][/media] Top cover, will be attatched with 2 hinges.
          [media][/media] The housing it self.
          [media][/media] Heres shown what will be cut out, the rectangular is for air to come out, and the round hole is for wires and cables.
          [media][/media] 90degree alu pieces for adding stiffness to the case, and to hold some stuff inside the pc.

          Btw, the harddisk will be hung up in 2 rubber bands, with some addet padding on the HDD.

          [media][/media] My SlimDrive to ATA adapter
          [media][/media] Low height WIFI PCI card.