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2007 Hyundai Elantra - In Dash Transflective LCD - First CarPC

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  • 2007 Hyundai Elantra - In Dash Transflective LCD - First CarPC

    Ever since I was a kid I have always wanted to put a computer in my car. I just bought my first car a 2007 Hyundai Elantra.

    Right away I started to plan out my first CarPC! Here is what I have come up with so far:

    Screen: CarTFT CTF700-SH - VGA 7" TFT - (600nits) -Transflective
    Motherboard & CPU: Intel D945GCLF2 Mini-ITX MB with Dual-core 1.6Ghz Intel Atom
    PSU: Mini Box M4-ATX 250W 6V to 30V DC-DC Car PC Power Supply
    GPS: Globalsat BU-353 SiRF star III USB Mouse GPS Receiver
    Memory: 1GB OCZ (I might get a 2GB later)
    Hard Drive: 3.5" 80GB SATA Western Digital (Will probably change this later)
    Other: Griffin Powermate

    Here is the stock dash:

    First thing on my list was to put my deck in the car (had it in my parents car before )
    This is the stereo installed with the dash apart.

    While I had it apart I was trying to figure out how to mount an LCD in there for the CarPC!

    And the stereo installed!

    So my LCD finally came in yesterday! I ripped the dash out again and started to plan how to mount the LCD in there. I ended up buying a dremel from home depot and hacked off the two plastic mounts that were in my way!

    I then sanded the plastic down and did a test fit. I couldn't believe it but it fit perfectly! There is absolutely no play vertically but some horizontally. I quickly got some foam to wedge the screen in there and then started working on a way to mount it in there. I got carried away and didn't take any more pictures. I will get them up soon! I made a really ghetto mount out of some aluminum siding and used two screw holes (1 for the clock and 1 for the AC vent). The mount just goes across the back of the screen diagonally. I was originally going to do 2 mounts but after the first one it was rock solid.

    Here is the final result! A quick snap shot late at night. I am still blown away at how good it looks for just being placed behind the dash in one night!

    That plastic on the LCD is just the protective stuff that came will the screen. It looks awful but I am leaving it on till I get something better. For now my deck is in my glove box ... I was hoping it would close but it doesn't ... I am thinking of just getting a 4ch amp so i can ditch the deck.

    Please let me know if you guys have any ideas! I still have to mount everything else. I am undecided on where to put the computer .. under the seat or in the trunk?

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    Looking good so far.

    Originally posted by kevint11 View Post
    I am undecided on where to put the computer .. under the seat or in the trunk?
    Will it fit behind the screen? That makes running the wires a lot easier . . .
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      Will it fit behind the screen? That makes running the wires a lot easier . . .
      You raise a good point. I never really thought much about going that route. I think mainly because I figured it would over heat and it is a lot harder to do maintenance on it.

      I will have see how much room i have in there...


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        That's really nice.
        Hook the pc and let us see the glare free monitor.
        dsatx in voompc 2 case <HERE>


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          Originally posted by skuller View Post
          That's really nice.
          Hook the pc and let us see the glare free monitor.
          Thanks... hopefully I can take some better pictures this evening after work.


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            OK so I was able to take some more pictures of the screen. The screen was on the normal brightness setting (forgot to set it to the highest). I hooked it up to my laptop.

            In this shot I compared it to my laptop screen which had a ton of glare. The touchscreen still looked amazing!

            Google! It was getting darker out side.

            I will have to take more pictures on a sunny day...


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              Looks good, but windows vista


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                Originally posted by DeAtH07 View Post
                Looks good, but windows vista
                For the picture yes. I didn't have the computer setup yet for the car so I was just using my laptop hooked up to the screen. I have since setup the computer in the car with XP. I am still finishing the case I made out of plexiglass, once it is done I will take some more pictures.


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                  Ah ok, looking forward to seeing the pics


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                    OK so I took some pictures of my plexiglass case that I built for my CarPC. It turned out pretty good for my first custom computer case.

                    It isn't finished yet I still need to make a lid and install a quick release connector for the power cables. I also need to figure out how to mount it in my trunk because right now it is just on the floor. I threw a bunch of cardboard boxes around it to stop it from sliding around


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                      screen is looking really good for sure. Great work. Case looks well done, well layed out and cleanly built too.
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                        Hi i got the same Hyundai. Thanks for the Pic. Do U have more Pic, send it to me. U ever thought to build in a webcam? Like in front/rear. Then record it. Its a lot fun. Also when u will get a Ticket, it help u to proof u r not guilty! The cops didn't like it! Were u wanna place the Pc inside? If in the rear, U will get problems with the cable length. I had a VW Passat were i got some problems with cable. If u build the power supply in a difference box. so u will get more flexibility. Looks awesome ...


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                          Man, the way that screen just fit into there is sweet, really looks stock!! (I wish cartft didn't put there logo and stuff though) Good job on the plexi case, It's giving me ideas...

                          Any progress? Did you get the PC mounted?

                          I made a raised mdf floor on mine and hid all my stuff under it, 2 amps, pc , etc ..

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                            Ya the screen turned out amazing ... it was pure luck.

                            I did get the PC mounted but winter started so I haven't had time to take pictures. I bolted a peice of plywood to the roof of my trunk. Then the plexi case is hung from that using thumb screws and L brackets, the plywood acts as the lid (I ran out of plexi glass, and got a bit lazy...). It turned out great, you can't see it at all when you open the trunk and I didn't lose any space. I also wanted it to be easy to remove if I need to work on it. I can take it out in seconds now which is nice.


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                              Very Nice!!!!

                              Wished you lived in the Dallas Texas area because I would pay you to do it to my 07 Hyundai Elantra..
                              So how do you play music or listen to the radio? How do you get it to connect to the internet? Did you put
                              a USB Internet card on it? But regardless it looks real clean!!!!