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Acura '05 TL car pc worklog

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  • Acura '05 TL car pc worklog

    Actually got started on this a few months ago, however, those of you who have a full time job, part time job, wife, kids, dog etc.. you all know how life can get busy and crazy. Nontheless, I have managed to begin a car pc install to my '05 TL with NAVI. The part of the this project that presented me with the biggest challenge was relocating the 8'' stock NAVI screen in order to replace it with the 7'' Xenarc TSV.

    After a few weeks of investigations on how exactly I would take on this challenge, work began...first I ordered all of my parts that were gonna be needed to complete the task. which included:

    prebuilt pc- 8.5mm aluminum Mini ITX case, 2.0Ghz Jetway Mini ITX motherboard, PCMCIA/CF card daughterboard, 120G Toshiba 2.5" SATA hard drive, 1GB Kingston DDR2 533MHz RAM, M2-ATX 160W Power Supply, External USB slim slot loading DVD combo drive. built-in Bluetooth adapter

    Xenarc TSV 7'' touchscreen

    Soundgate Aux3

    Serveral Cables and wires, power switch and accessories.

    to reach the point that I'm at now it took me about 2 months to get to. I went into this project as a complete noob as far as taking my car apart and running cables, installing monitors and all of the other work it took to make this project a success. heres what it looks like so far....enjoy.
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    Looks great,
    I have one question. How about all naviagtion buttons? Did you integrated with computer so they can act like mouse and keyboard? or Simply just non functional button?

    I am going to install car pc soon and I will integrate those button with car pc.
    I have an idea but I am not sure it will work.
    To do that buy usb hid programmable module and reassign your button to your keyboard button.
    I might need more research on thos part.

    anyway....look cool.
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      Thank you, appreciate the comments...The navi buttons still function as normal, I still use them to control the navi when I dont use my voice commands. Ive seen it done tho so I know it's poss to reprogram them...


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        Looks very nice. Good job on relocating the factory screen too.

        Looks like you have TV showing on the factory screen? How did you manage this? More specifically what are you using as a tuner and an antenna?

        Looks good
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          I have an AVELECTRIC unit that allows me to display video on my navi screen. Also, I have a pyle DVD player that doubles as a tv tuner as well.


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            can I install the PC to my factory nav SCreen innstead buying another one


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              you can but the quality is crap.


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                still a work in progress, should be finishing up this dash this month.


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                  almost there...

                  OK so after driving around with my car looking like this for the past yr and half...
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                    I made some progress this past weekend, crafting a wooden mount for the Navi LCD...after measuring, dremeling, glueing, bondoing and painting this is what im working with now.
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                      finishing touches

                      Now all I have to do is get my Navi to work again, lol. I think it's the radio, but the touchscreen feature isnt working which wont allow me to enter my code, I can still watch movies on it via the Av Electronic and Pyle DVD player. It's done this before, but suddenly started working again, I'm hoping for the same results...

                      I also have to finish trimming out the LCD, I'm going to cut out some 1/2'' of wood to hide the spaces at the top and bottom of the LCD.

                      I also ran an Ipod cable to the console which displays my Iphone 3GS out on all the screens in the car, so when I run ORB, I can tap into my cable at home and not miss any action when I'm on the road, the cable also charges my phone.

                      PDANET gives me complete internet access, which is sweet when freinds or my kids wanna seach the net while we're on the road.


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                        just a few pics...

                        Here are some pics of the mount being showing the location of the power switch and the iphone cable..
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                          a pic from outside

                          She's very dirty but its the best pic I have at the moment..
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                            Hey Blizz,

                            Looks very nice. I'm planning on getting started on my 05 TL shortly as well. A had a couple quick questions:

                            I'm curious what you used for your power supply? Could you provide a link?

                            As well as the AVElectric you've mentioned to convert your factory screen in to a TV. I'm actually kind of surprised that the quality looks that decent on your pictures. Could you provide a link to that as well?

                            Much appreciated.


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                              sup Logical,

                              Here's a link for the Av Electric unit...

                              I pulled power from my amp, I just put wired in a switch before the amp to be able to power off and on the puter. the switch it actually pictured above inside the deep armrest.