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  • Defender TD5 - Mac

    Just got a car recently and are keen on the idea of a vehicle based computer over the many single units. Any suggestions welcome.

    What I've Got:
    # Alpine 4ch 360w Amp
    # New Speaker Cabling
    # 12 Output Fuse Block

    What I'm Looking At Getting:
    # Xenarc 706TSA -
    # Mac Mini - When the new version is released, current version is a tad old.

    What I've Still Got To Find:
    # Power Supply/Management
    # GPS Unit
    # Dashboard Software
    # SSD Hard Drive - If the new Mac Mini doesnt have it already
    # TV Tuner
    # 4+ Channel Audio Interface - Otherwise just split a mono feed. Fade left/right - front/back on the go would be great
    # Interface with Vehicle if possible - Defender TD5 1999

    If there is interest, will post some pictures as it goes along.

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    any pictures ???