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Suzuki Ignis Sport Install

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  • Suzuki Ignis Sport Install

    Hi people

    This is my first carputer but ive wanted to do one for years so ive had alot of time to think about it.

    I live in the UK near Liverpool and i work as an IT Administrator for an aerospace company so have access to lots of useful kit. Here is the spec of the install

    Liliput 7" touchscreen TFT
    Dell D505 laptop (screen has a few dead pixel lines on it)
    Intel Centrino 1.6GHz

    I still have a few things to do here but its coming along nicely.

    The car :

    How the centre console looked before:

    The install so far:

    Comments please

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    little update, spent some time on it today, needs more filling and sanding but i put it in primer so i can see where to concentrate the filler and sand down etc...i think its starting to look pretty good

    Still got alot of work to do on the bezel but its a working progress

    Sunday 26/10/08

    I didnt find any time to work on it today as its FREEEZING and wet.

    I still have to work on the GUI to get it spot on so will probably do that tomorrow, here are some pics of it in the car, remember its not finished yet.


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      Looking good, Paddy. Keep refining. This is the part that drives us crazy -- we want it installed so badly that we're tempted to say "good enough", but we have to face that thing every time we use it. You have a great start, and it has the potential to be a masterpiece.
      If just enough is really good, then too much ought to be perfect.

      2006 Scion xB with in-dash Atom & Lilliput 889GL -- Worklog at


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        cheers, yea i know what you mean and im telling myself not to do that !

        Im tempted to flock it as a finish, the weather is really bad over here at the moment so its hard to find time to do it.