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  • Zee Bee's Itty Bitty Ice Cream mini - mac mini cooper

    continued from justification thread:

    tested at 75 mph. cone stays-doesn't fly off. using ton of big Orings and mounts from hella lights between cone and skimboard.
    the lilliput monitor really mounts easily and securely to the mini coopers ac vent.

    I'm still needing to hard wire all these power mods to the fuse block of course.
    leaving the mini's rear power plug for freezer only-either with the cig plug or inverter.
    its coming along. slowly but surely. pictures will come when its cleaner.
    the freezer was the easiest install with shunting off the airbag and removing the seat. autoenginuity enhanced to clear the codes. bubble machine spit out too much soap-made it dangerous, wasted a lot of time trying to fabricate something that would keep it from spilling, but had to send it back. plastic christmas type 2' ice cream cone on surfboard on roof rack, Hella offroad lights on roof. lilliput 629 to airvent, macmini ppc 1.42 with globalsat 353 gps, vinyl stripes everywhere-to make it more noticeable. headlight eyes from (sponsored), magnetic signs, ice cream music box remounted to freezer side, speaker to roof surfboard.

    Thanks for all of the help from mp3car and NAM so far:

    next up wiring. computer install. gps software search. health inspection. ect.
    have the aux output into the HK drive and play, the HK is cigarette lighter fed along with the music box. speaker audible from about 1/4 mile.
    cleaner wiring for the hellas and music box speaker, have them out the boot right now, but think i can run them inside the roof rack cross bars and through door at roof intersetion.

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    have the mini mounted in glovebox with velcro, the cnx 2140 mounted to top of glovebox with velcro. ignition wire to ignition F7 5 amp fuse, all 3 CNX red lines into the 15amp stereo fuse, both with adda fuse, ground below steering column, wiring all tidied up. cnx setting correct for a 5amp secondary and 18.5 primary.
    so far just the gps usb device and touchscreen to the mini's usb. don't have anything plugged into the secondary outlet.
    everything seems to work ok.
    haven't loaded the psumonitor on it yet.

    having start up shut down issues that I can't quite pinpoint.
    when the ignition comes on, the computer starts-check.
    when key is off, computer works-check
    when key removed, computer freezes, doesn't go to sleep, if car restarts, computer is frozen on last stage before key removal, and I have to reboot to start her up again.

    Please help a person new to this pinpoint error of my ways.
    computer has bluetooth: is keyboard keeping it locked from sleep?
    computer energy saver is set to sleep, not to wake up after power failure. checked the FAQS, nothing I see relates, and my settings seem accurate.
    I am auto-booting into macfront end, is that affecting sleep? I don't think so, but will question everything.
    Is it because I do not have a secondary power outsource, that I am having issues?

    PPC mac mini 1.42 with virtual PC windows XP SP2, bluetooth, airport, lilliput 7" 629.


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      I think I remedied my situation by really studying the wiring diagram in the cnx install manual and just unplugging wires that might not be necessary right now.
      Since I do not have a secondary power output right now and am using the macpac cable, I disconnected that hot lead. power works now on standby, computer pauses when car is off. disconnected everything else (GPS) from mini in hopes that it wouldn't be drawing power and shut off while in sleep mode.
      had an error in screen brightness this morning, and computer still shut down overnight instead of being able to retain minimal power.
      have to paint a floor mural this week, so can't get back to work on this for a few days.
      trying AMP again instead of macfront end, MFE is nice and quick for itunes, but sound quality and functions of AMP are much better, might be overpowering for an older ppc 1.42 with only half a gig of ram though.


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        ended up connecting the lilliput to the secondary cnx output. all seemed to be working well until today when cnx shut down entirely. not sure why. no lights or nothing from the unit. fuse is good.


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          coming up on the final stages now.
          have the health inspection and final licensing scheduled for next week.
          I'm thinking this is starting to show some potential. we started a semi-partnership the other day with the local hospital to provide ice cream to a nearby orphanage, won't make a dime that way, but its good to give.

          the led's make it really stand out, but pictures are hard to show everything.

          getting all of the inventory images set up now, printing on waterproof paper, laminating, cutting into magnetics to can swap signs as inventory changes.

          some mods:
          48 feet led's interior and exterior.
          1000W inverter
          6.3 qt sub zero freezer
          HK drive/play
          hula girl
          under bonnet eyes
          awesome custom headlight eyes courtesy of AutoXcooper at
          surf board mounted to roof rack with 2' ice cream cone
          ice cream music player with external speaker and microphone.
          roof mounted 6" hellas with ice and cream cut into covers (old covers shown)
          mac mini PPC 1.42 car computer with 7" touchscreen lilliput mounted to AC vent (running hear, AMP and PC point of sale inventory software) has wireless and bluetooth
          GPS with VR and custom POI index for repeat customers
          stick on led lights interior for spot lighting.
          external chrome kits
          side, boot and hood stripes and pinstripes
          got an old timey change dispenser
          custom made badge holder (not shown)
          custom made wooden front license sign (not shown)


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            OK, this is unique...... This is like a ice cream truck or like a sampling car for a bigger truck, like advertising? Also what is the surf board for?
            Nirwana Project, the Android/Win 7 hybrid system!

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            3x Perixx Touchpads
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              Very cool. Where do you sit to dish out the goodies? And did you figure out what was wrong with the cnx?


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                the surf board is to hold the ice cream cone. and give it a little bit more visibility. have a 2.4' thread bolt through board and through top of cone with wingnuts, rubber washers, and grommets. keeps the cone stable at high speeds. there is a hole drilled into the back of the cone for the rope LED's to light up at night.

                I think the cnx is working ok now. the cnx shuts off entirely when its cold outside-below 45 or so I think. and the lilliput is almost impossible to see sometimes, then it seems like the backlight kicks in and visibility returns to normal brightness. I wonder if there's some sort of anti-glare cover for it?

                as far as I can tell, this is the only car computer running a touchscreen point of sale inventory software.

                all goodies are pre-packaged ice cream novelties, pre-packaged dry goods, sandwiches, and drinks so no sink or handling of food items is involved, this way the car falls into a small loophole and minimizes the warehouse restrictions found on some ice cream trucks.

                we're getting some positive community events coming up in february. habitat for humanity housewarming ice cream social and an ice cream for orphans thing with the local hospital, no profit there, but I'm thinking this will go over pretty good with the neighborhood, beach, and outdoor workers roach-coach routes.


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                  I have seen red bull's mini car that has a giant red bull can on the top. I think it would look awesome if you got rid of the surf board and little cone, and put a huge cone that sits on its side. Then have the ice cream part of the cone have big sprinkles that light up at night. Sorry if my imagination is kind of crazy, maybe thats why my install is so out there also.

                  Also, dont cut the back off like they did.... Just have the cone take up the whole top and less angle like their can has.
                  Nirwana Project, the Android/Win 7 hybrid system!

                  1X Ainol Novo Flame Tab
                  4X MK808b
                  3x Perixx Touchpads
                  3x 7 inch Screens
                  1X 7 inch motorized Screen
                  1x Win 7 PC


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                    the big 6' to 7' cones that would fit on its side cost over $1000, nice ones go for $3000. i thought of that way originally or of making my own, but price was an issue. had a goal to get everything done, including licensing, inventory, workshop remodel and warehouse freezer for under 2 grand. that way i'm not too burdened with start up costs if it bombs. so far i'm still under budget for emergencies sake or for something crazy that might pop into my head.


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                      What POS software are you using as i maybe doing something similar but with bottled drinks.


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                        its called retail ice
                        freeware, but seems to run ok and do the things i need it to do.


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                          got stopped by police about the blue lights, so swapped them out for white. I think the white LED's really make it more prominant. finished cutting up the light covers. re-did the 3m tapes. have a little touch up still to do on interior led's with the 3m. getting some more transflective films from 3m to try to brighten the display during the day on computer. getting the ice cream signs tomorrow with stock vendor. wrapping the 24' of blue lights around the freezer. have them both running off of a surge protector linked to the inverter for a remote switch. tested the freezer only powered to the inverter all night with no problems. wife drove it around last weekend all decked out. got all positive feedback. I think its pretty much done now (infamous last words), there a re alot more things I can think to add once i get the food signs.


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                            Are you kidding me? What they think that you were trying to impersonate a Police car with a surf board and ice cream cone on the top? Wow law enforcement has got really stupid. Infact the type of blue that you had wasn't even the blue they use on law enforcement vehicles. Yours was more like a turquoise. I think they were just bored and decided to mess with you.

                            I would have checked with your state and county and had your blue approved. You cant use dark blue and red. Any other color should be ok.
                            Nirwana Project, the Android/Win 7 hybrid system!

                            1X Ainol Novo Flame Tab
                            4X MK808b
                            3x Perixx Touchpads
                            3x 7 inch Screens
                            1X 7 inch motorized Screen
                            1x Win 7 PC


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                              i had checked the florida laws out prior to applying them. figured that they were low intensity enough not to be bothered with. but white is ok and it makes it much brighter for day and night visibility. she didn't give me a ticket or anything when I was stopped. the 2nd or 3rd time i apply something it usually comes out better anyway. red and blue are illegal in florida. orange and purple sometimes get too close to the limits as well.