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2003 PT Cruiser GT install

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  • 2003 PT Cruiser GT install

    I have always had all of my music ripped to hard disks, and have used a variety of methods for automating and controlling music playback in the house. I love having all of music available at any time in any room.
    In order to extend that experience to the car, earlier this year I purchased the Mopar iPod integration kit, which lets you listen to and control an ipod from various Chrysler radios.
    I also have various handhelds and GPS units that I have used over the years in the car.

    Then I found mp3Car....


    Jetway JF72 Motherboard - Via 2.0 GHz processor, 1GB memory
    Xenarc MDT-X7000 7" in-dash touchscreen
    MCS case
    M2-ATX 160W intelligent DC-DC power supply
    OCZ SSD2-1C32G 32GB SSD drive - system and software
    Verbatim Smartdisk 250GB external firewire drive - media
    Dlink 802.11G USB wireless network
    Generic USB Bluetooth adapter
    Andrea USB-SA microphone
    Delorme Earthmate LT-40 USB GPS
    Elmscan 5 OBDII bluetooth interface
    cheap microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse (to be replaced)

    Centrafuse 2.0
    iGuidance 2009 GPS Navigation software
    nlite'd Windows XP Pro SP3

    All speakers have already been replaced with Inifinity Reference series
    Mopar subwoofer
    Alpine MRV-F307 4 channel amp
    Chrysler dash install kit
    Chrysler wiring harness

    Things to try out later
    Griffin Powermate
    Optimus Mini-Three OLED keyboard
    Visteon HD Radio

    PC had been bench-tested for a while as I try out things.
    Installation will go in stages:
    1. Get the Xenarc touchscreen installed and working as radio/cd
    2. Install the computer and related USB bits
    3. Rewire the speakers and install the Alpine amp

    This lets me keep the factory wiring intact, and the amps in the Xenarc will eventually only be used to send a signal to the Mopar subwoofer.


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    Bench Testing

    Now if I could just wire in the coffee maker....


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      MCS Case

      Here's the case:

      And the touchscreen I'm using for testing, with the Andrea mic.


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        Alpine Amp

        For install later:


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          Xenarc Display

          The new touchscreen

          And the factory radio it replaces


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            Removing the console

            Pry out the window switches, and there is one screw to remove.

            Don't forget to remove the climate control knobs, or they go flying.


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              Test fitting the Xenarc

              Testing the fit of the Xenarc in the dash kit:

              Tomorrow, I finish the wiring harness


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                Monitor Wired in

                Got it set up and playing a DVD. No Computer...Yet


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                  Subwoofer boxes

                  I was going to try building my own enclosures, but I found these in the local Future Shop.

                  My thought is to mount them and the amps between them, so the whole thing is easy to take out if I need the carrying space.

                  Or I can just pop the shelf in and put the seats down to carry golf clubs or groceries or whatever.


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                    Woohoo! another PT Cruiser!

                    Welcome to the forums, I like where this is going. I know the first gen bezels don't have a lot of space, and pretty much the easiest option is what you've done. Check out my 07 PT if you want (in my sig below) to see how I did the subs, etc. I'd love to get a computer in my mom's Gold '03 GT, but she has a hard enough time figuring out her laptop.

                    Where are you planning on mounting the PC? (when you get it)

                    I hate pre-fab boxes, but those look nice and they fit under the shelf in the lower position. I'd say rotate them so it angles down toward the middle instead, I think it would look better that way. Also it would be nice if the terminals were on the same side, but that's the folly of pre-fab boxes.
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                      I did a lot of looking at your project (very nice, BTW) and others, and decided that the in-dash was going to be the easiest way to get started in the 03 console, since the space is only 1.5 din. I did pick up a spare bezel, so I might play around with modifying one later, but I have never done any of that kind of work.

                      The computer is going to go under one seat, with the 4 channel amp under the other seat and the sub amp(s) in the back. I have to play with the fitting, but with the sub boxes oriented this way, the shorter end fits completely under the supports for the shelf, giving me more room for the amps if I need it.

                      Unfortunately, I am in Colombia for 3 weeks, and have missed some real nice fall weather to work on this. Hopefully it won't be too cold when I get back and I can rip apart the interior and start wiring things up.