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2008 Nissan Xtrail install

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  • 2008 Nissan Xtrail install

    Below is a bit of a worklog for a carputer I'm currently putting togther for a mate. I have previously built a carputer for myself (almost 2 years ago - still haven't posted that worklog though ) after having had enough with swapping cd's etc, plus I wanted Sat-Nav. My system also has SSMII engine monitoring, bluetooth phone intergration and a backup cam.

    Onto the build. This system is being built for a family. It's not built for gaming and it isn't going to be pushing a cranking stereo - It's to keep their young kids happy on the long drives with Dvd's and give them access to their MP3's while also adding GPS Sat-Nav.

    Originally the system was going to be built into a purpose designed carpc case, like the Voom PC-2 or Ampie Carpc Case, however my mate was eager to simply install it into the glovebox. Originally I was hesitant as it doesn't seem as OEM as one hidden under the boot floor, but then I saw the advantages;
    - Nice big space to fit everything in with alot of air space which will be good for cooling,
    - Not having to buy the case will save him $100 or so,
    - Ease of construction/installation being able to just remove the glovebox to keep for a week or so while I build it and being able to just slide it in ready to go while having located up the front means we won't need to run cables (+12 constant, +12v switched, VGA, USB, Speakers) from to and from the front and back of the car.

    So we took the glovebox out and he left it with me to measure up, order parts and start building.

    I don't have any pics of the glovebox before starting the building, but you've all seen an empty glovebox before.

    The Car

    The glovebox into which the pc is being built.

    Starting to install a few of the important items
    (Left to right - 2.5inch Sata Hdd, D945GCLF2 Mini-Itx mainboard, M2-ATX Dc-Dc PSU)

    Hole cut in rear to accomodate acces to the rear mobo panel and other cables. To the right of the first pic is the Lilliput 629 touchscreen LCD that will be installed into the double din hole in the dash (pics to come) and my 240v-12v transformer.

    Micro 200w amp being sized up before drilling. An amp is need as the pc won't provide a lineout signal strong enough to drive the speakers. A 2 channel 200w amp will suit this build fine.

    Amp has been fitted and cables tidied up. As The glovebox isn't going to be used to store anything else, cable management wasn't a huge concern, but it definatley made things neater.

    The car is on the way to my place as I type this in order for me to install it this afternoon/tomorrow so there'll be more pics to come.
    I installed my carpc into my pet Kangaroo, mate.

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    That is one nice install.


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      The nice hole in the dash with the glovebox removed

      The heater core pipes These get nice and hot, so had to stay well away from them

      +12v constant through a grommet in the firewall into the engine bay and ultimately onto the battery. Easiest way to do this, was to pull the grommet out of the firewall, punch the hole for the cable, feed the cable through and replace the grommet.

      This is the BU-353 USB Gps receiver we'll be using

      In order to get the best signal, you don;t want it stashed under the dash in behind metal etc. In order to get the best signal possible, I hid the reciever under a small panel at the corner of the dash that looks like it would be used for optional tweeters not fitted to this model.

      Panel removed

      Receiver stuck down with some silicon. You cannot see the receiver through the panel grill at all and it locks onto a solid 10 satellites

      Glovebox ready to be fitted back into the dash having pulled through all the cables from the lower dash into the center where the screen will be located.

      Attach the earth

      Glovebox fitted

      Onto the screen
      Screen sitting in/on bezel. I fixed the screen to the bezel using 2 part epoxy (araldite)

      The bezel comes form the factory with a felt type stuff fitted on the edge. I assume this is to stop squeking caused by the factory radio and the bezel rubbing.

      A wet cloth and some tea tree oil got rid of it easy enough

      Bezel and screen fitted. The flash of the camera really shows up the difference in colour of the screen bezel and that of the dash bezel but in natural light you can hardly tell. The hole under the screen will be filled with a small piece of ABS plastic.

      I ran out of light yesterday, but the final thing is to add a usb hub into the small dash console in the top dash pocket to allow easy access for usb hard drives (to copy of media to the carputer hdd) and ipod connectivity.
      I installed my carpc into my pet Kangaroo, mate.


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        Nislo, I stumbled accros this post and love the install.. Am looking at doing something similar to this myself. I just wanted to confirm how you fitted the touchscreen , whats holding it in place?


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          The text is above the first screen pic ... 2 part epoxy was used to hold it inplace.
          VIA Pico ITX, M2-ATX clone, 7" Seform 800x480 LCD Touchscreen, Dual 2x75WRMS Mini Amps, IDE-CF & SATA-CF adapters, 8GB (Sys) & 32GB (MP3s) CF, ELMscan5USB, Slot-load DVD, Craig Brass DAB+/FM USB module, Odyssey Navigator
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            Excellent work mate! It all seems so effortless, and yet it's a pretty powerful system.

            What amplifier are you using exactly? I might need something like this soon.

            We need to have a Queensland car PC meetup soon. Seems like we're a growing community
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